Small Kitchen Tables

Small kitchen tables are becoming functional part of the kitchen as more and more kitchens are integrating the functions of a living room along with cooking and cleaning the dishes.

These tables can serve multi-functional purposes. It can be used as a preparation area for the cooking. It can also be used as a dining or breakfast table.

You can have many kitchen lighting ideas to make the table an interesting feature. For example, you can have a pendant light installed just above the table to create a cosy setting for sitting or working.

You can have a kitchen island type of table to make it more usable. It will function as a worktop besides being used as a sit-around table bringing your family closer while you work in the kitchen. If there is storage built-in the island table with shelves, drawers and/or cabinets, the kitchen storage capacity improves a lot.

Small kitchen tables are ideal for small kitchen designs. If the space is really limited, you can have corner tables along with folding chairs. Or for maximum space utilization, you can have a table which is attached to the wall. This can be opened or closed as per your needs.

The table should be strong, sturdy and stable, practical and easy-to-clean. Most importantly it should be able to serve the need for which it is kept.

You need to consider a few things while choosing small kitchen tables -

  • Space - Most important thing to check is the total space available for the table. Choose a table you think will fit-in easily. You do not want to buy a table that is either too big or too small for your kitchen.
    Then see if you can add chairs, if you want to use the table for dining.
  • Usage - Decide before-hand how you would be using the table. Its use will determine its shape, size and style.
  • Material - Again the usage will primarily determine the material for its top. Also consider other materials used for various elements in the kitchen and have the table accordingly.
  • Look & Feel - Try to have a table which complements the general look and feel and harmonizes with the kitchen colors and decor.

Different types of small kitchen tables that are available are -

  • Wooden Tables
    These are the most commonly used tables in the kitchen. But wood can be given different treatment to achieve different looks like a washed-out look, waxed finish or lacquered polished finish.
  • Glass Tables
    It is easy to clean and looks contemporary. Needs careful usage as there is lot of activity in the kitchen.
  • Metal Tables
    Stainless steel is a strong and hygienic but tends to scratch easily. It will show grease marks on it and needs to be cleaned regularly.
    Zinc is also a good option but will show the marks.
  • Combination Tables
    A table with a combination of different materials is in the trend now-a-days. Glass with steel is a classic combination as is a wooden table with steel inserts.

Small kitchen tables can serve a variety of purposes and can be quite useful. Just follow these simple guidelines to get the best of these tables and make your kitchen more attractive and useful place.

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