Modern Living Room Furniture

Modern living room furniture has clean lines and shapes giving it a streamlined appearance. It is not bulky and has sleek look to it with smooth finishes.

It is specially suited for modern apartments with shrinking spaces where living room designs are restricted. This is unlike highly ornamental pieces from the era gone by, which look best in large living spaces only.

This type of furniture is based on the premise of 'form follows function' and 'less is more'. A lot of emphasis is placed on innovative shapes and designs, which are not only comfortable but a piece of art in themselves.

Sleek proportions, functional designs and relaxed elegance are the hallmarks of modern living room furniture.

Having furniture surfaces with simple lines also helps in keeping it clean. These do not attract dust and can be wiped easily.

Furniture Types

Apart from the main seating other furniture items like love-seats, couches, recliners, cushioned chaises, accent chairs are part of the modern living room furniture vocabulary. A lot of accessories are also part of the contemporary furniture. These include lamps, rugs, cushions, candles, decorative items etc.

Instead of buying a single set, you can mix and match different furniture pieces from different places. Although you need to be careful while doing so, it can provide great results if done keeping in mind the overall design.

Also while doing so, another thing to be kept in mind is not to mix modern furniture with art deco or any other period style.


You can brighten up the plain sofas or chairs with colorful cushions, pillows etc. Put nice vases on the coffee table and/or side tables.

Depending on your preferences, you can either go for bold colors or choose the lighter colors for your contemporary living room furniture. If you prefer to go with lighter tones, you can set it against a feature wall with strong color or texture, where as the rest of the walls match the lighter colors of the furniture.

Entertainment Center

Now-a-days more and more homes are making the entertainment center as the integral part of the modern living room furniture. Take into consideration a few things for easy and comfortable viewing...

  • The TV needs to be at the right level for watching comfortably. It should be at the eye level while seating.
  • Its back should be to the main source of daylight. Otherwise it will reflect the light and you will not be able to see the screen clearly.

If you do not want it to dominate the living room and become its main focal point, house it in a nice cabinet or a wall unit that goes with the theme and decor of the room. You can install a hinged or sliding mechanism that suspends a painting in front of the screen which pivots or slides to reveal the screen.


You can enhance the look and feel of the furniture by using living room accessories along with it like contemporary lamps, lamp tables, modern rugs, wall paintings etc. This adds a depth and warmth to the room apart from blending in the furniture. It also gives necessary functionality as per your needs and requirements.

To complement modern living room furniture, use window treatments which are not very heavy. Use less fabric than usual for a sleeker finish. Opt for contemporary fabrics like fine wool, sheeny velvet or fake suede.

You can also go for roller or venetian blinds as these are much neater in appearance.


Lighting is also an important factor when you select modern living room furniture. Avoid using big crystal chandeliers and large scones for example. Instead go for minimalist fixtures with contemporary styles to complement the modern furnishings and decor.

The emphasis should be on having sufficient lighting and accentuating different elements that you want to be highlighted, rather than light fixtures themselves.

Using these elements you can create a lot of modern living room furniture ideas. But make sure to use these judiciously and complement the overall decor to give maximum effect.

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