Master Bedroom Designs

When finalizing master bedroom designs, you need to consider what is the primary thing you want to achieve in your bedroom. Are you looking for -

  • a quiet retreat for the two of you
  • a passionate, romantic and intimate space
  • a place to watch TV or listen to music
  • an extension of your workspace

The main thing behind achieving successful master bedroom designs is to incorporate three essential components in the designs, which are - function, aesthetics and your personal taste. Give the necessary attention to each while planning and you will get great designs.

The three components, described above, are made of the following elements -


When starting to prepare bedroom designs, first of all, check the room shape, size, volume and proportions. Take the measurements to be accurate in your planning. Note where various doors and windows are. If there are any built-in wardrobes, note that too.

After considering all these things, locate the best position for the bed. It should be against a solid wall. There should be enough space on both sides (at least two feet) to get on and off the bed comfortably.

Then the rest of the furniture pieces can be positioned as per the space available. Plan enough space around the wardrobe, the dresser and the chest of drawers. Ensure that these are easily accessible and usable.


The bedroom furniture should be in proportion to the overall size and volume of the room. Its size and style will dictate the bedroom designs to a great extent.

If you have the luxury of a large room, you can go for king size bedroom sets. It will have the bed, a dresser unit with mirror, a night stand or night table and a chest of drawers.

The furniture should be selected in accordance with the overall decor of the room. The material, color, texture and pattern used on the furniture should harmonize with and enhance the look and feel of the room.


Colors create the right ambience and atmosphere in the room. They will affect the design in a big way. A smaller bedroom, for example, can be made to look more spacious with the use of light and airy colors. Using dark colors will create a sense of detachment from the outside world.

Bedroom color schemes will give you in-depth information on using colors to create different types of schemes, which are an integral part of the master bedroom designs.


Bedroom is a place for relaxation. It is your private sanctuary away from the stresses and strains of the world. The lighting, if done properly, is the easiest way to give create that sanctuary.

In the bedroom, more than functional lighting, it is the mood lighting which helps shape the room's environment. Lighting, like color, creates the ambience in the room.

Consider early, while planning master bedroom designs, the impact of lighting in the room and what moods and feelings you want to evoke there. Bedroom lighting fixtures have to be selected and located accordingly.

Window Treatment

Sometimes a bedroom design is driven by the type of windows and how they are treated. For example, a large floor-to-ceiling window will attract the whole attention of the room.

Even for average sized windows, the treatment on them can influence the design of the room to a great extent. It can set the tone for the whole room.

Whether you provide heavy curtains, sheers, blinds or any alternative treatment will depend on the size of windows, the view outside, privacy concerns and the decor of the room.

With proper dressing, window treatments can be made the focal point of the room.

These ideas and guidelines will help you create the master bedroom designs of your choice which fulfill your requirements and reflect your style and personality.

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