Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The key concept in master bedroom decorating ideas is to personalize the room as much as possible. The decorations will bring warmth to the room. The way the bedroom is decorated will help create the moods and feelings there, making it into an extension of yourself.

Here is where all the objects collected by you over the years will come in. And, unlike the living areas, this is a room where you do not have to worry about the visitors. You can indulge in your taste without any inhibitions.

While decorating your bedroom though, it is essential that the decorations are in harmony with the master bedroom designs and decor. They should enhance it and not feel conflicting in any way.

For decorating children's bedroom, consider their interests and passions. Use those as motifs on walls, bed side, study table or anywhere else where it deems fit. In a girl's bedroom, for example, you can use fabrics and furnishings, accessories, wall hangings etc. to portray a theme which reflects her interests like outdoors, beach, movies etc.

A child's bedroom is more than a sleeping place. It is her own private world used for playing, studying, reading, meeting friends etc. Keep that in mind while decorating it.

Described below are a few of the master bedroom decorating ideas, some practical and some purely decorative, to bring in warmth, style, personality and expression into the bedroom.

Wall Hangings

A bedroom would be sterile without any pictures or decorative hangings. A lovely piece of art can set the tone for the whole room.

Using pictures in a group will make much more decorative impact than having them scattered around the room. Have pictures framed or embellished for greater effect. You can even attach beads, pebbles, tiny shells or buttons to the picture frame for decorative style.

Bedroom color schemes are important considerations when putting wall hangings on the walls. Consider the color of the particular wall when you want to hang pictures there. Pictures will have more effect when the walls on which they are hung has darker colors.

Pictures or artwork hung on a plain wall will have more impact than on a heavily patterned wallpaper.

A large piece of furniture, a bed or a chest of drawers, for example, makes a good anchor for a picture or a piece of artwork on the wall above.

Fabrics and Furnishings

New pillows, cushions and bed sets are an easy and functional way of adding color, texture and pattern to the bedroom. These are some of the master bedroom decorating ideas which can infuse new life into a room without much effort.

They enrich a room by their color, intricate patterns and soft textures, bringing an understated elegance into the room.

You can use bedspreads with modern art or geometrical patterns on them. But keep in mind not to go over-board. Also remember to blend-in with the overall decor of the room.

Rugs and small carpets add warmth to the room besides adding a decorative touch to it.


Accessories can be both practical and decorative. They need not be formal. They should be casual expression of your moods and interests.

Table lamps, sculptural vases with colorful fresh flowers, metal or glass candleholders, potted plants etc. are some of the interesting master bedroom decorating ideas, which can be used with great effect as accessories in a bedroom.

A mirror, besides being a functional item, can be a great decorative accessory. It is available in so many looks and styles that it is easy to have the one which not only enhances the decor but adds a great decorative element to it.

Aroma candles can be used as an accessory to decorate the bedroom along with creating a romantic and sensual ambience by its warm, soft light and fragrant appeal.


Displays which are your personal and prized possessions like mementos, cherished collectibles from your past, family photographs and portraits, souvenirs from your travels all around the world etc. can bring a feeling of intimacy to the room. They bring the most cherished memories of your life to the room.

Whatever you display should have a character of its own. Also it should fit in the overall decor of the room adding to its style and ambience.

These are just a few of the master bedroom decorating ideas. Remember, decorations add life to a room. And they do so in an easy and inexpensive way. So go ahead, have the fun decorating your bedroom.

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