Living Room Window Treatments

The living room window treatments, whether those are flowing drapes or minimal tailored blinds, should be done to make a dramatic statement, complimenting the decorative style of the room.

Being vertical and at eye-level, the window coverings or treatments are one of the most visual elements in the room. They make a great impact on the overall style and decor of the room.

Size and type of the windows are important factors while choosing living room window treatments. If there is a large picture window, for instance, with a great view beyond, treat it in a way to make it the focal point of the room. Choose a window treatment and a fabric to enhance the view and allow it to be appreciated at all times.

If the windows are small it is better not to draw too much attention on them. Treat them by choosing coverings that tend to blend in with the room. If the window is very small and heat and direct sunlight are not too much of a problem, you can do away with any window treatment altogether.

The window coverings should be such that they control the amount of natural light coming in and afford due privacy from the surrounding areas.

If there is too much sun light filtering in, go for heavy curtains with dark-colored fabrics. They have a warm, enclosing quality that makes a room feel more intimate and cozy. Lighter and semi-translucent fabrics are less formal in feeling and create an airy, breezy look.

Also check if it is a cold or a warm room. A richly colored fabric will warm up a cold room both physically and visually.

If you do not want to block the sunlight completely unlined sheers and nets are the ideal window dressing. They diffuse the light and create a soft ambience.

If the living room is large enough, you can define the areas as formal and informal areas. Appropriate window treatments can be used for each. For example, luxurious and heavy curtains at one window and tailored blinds, in the same fabric, at the other window can be used. Dividing curtains or a folding screen reinforces the dual-purpose of the living room without losing the feeling of space.

Since the living room is used with almost equal frequency during the day and night, so the fabric chosen for the curtains should be tested in both natural and artificial light before purchase. Also the proposed style of curtains or blinds should be assessed for its suitability both open and drawn.

These ideas and information on living room window treatments can help you to create perfect window dressings, making a style statement and enhancing the overall decor of the room.

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