Living Room Tables

Living room tables are an essential part of any modern living room furniture. There are many varieties of tables to choose from. These come in all types of styles, sizes, shapes and materials.

Most people are usually familiar with coffee table and end tables. But there are so many different types of tables used in the living room. And it will be a mistake to limit your choice to these two types only.

Most commonly used tables in the living room are -

Coffee Tables

This is the central table around which the sofas and chairs are placed. It was used to be referred to as cocktail table. It is normally a long and low table.

There are many creative ways in which you can use the coffee table to enhance your living room furniture. You can make it as the focal point of your living room. Or it can be an accent piece adding to the furniture set.

The size and proportions of the coffee table are important considerations while selecting it. It should not be too big so that the surrounding seating is dwarfed in comparison. Also, it should not be too small to be overpowered visually by the furniture.

If the space is not too big, an elegant, upholstered ottoman can be used as a coffee table. It can be used as a seating when more people are there.

Another interesting way of working with a restricted space is by bunching together several smaller tables, similar in design and size. You can use them as separate tables in different areas of the room if the need be.

End Tables

These are the small living room tables placed beside sofas, couches or armchairs for placing lamps, books, drinks and decorative objects.

So many times this piece of furniture is not given enough thought and consideration. Perhaps it is due to its size and placement. But you can add a lot of style to your furniture and complete the whole look by giving some thoughts while selecting these tables.

You can either mix and match these with the coffee table or have them as separate individual design items. Just be careful to at least match different side tables with one another.

End tables can have a lot of storage. So check for it while selecting, if the need is there.

Console Tables

It is a living room table fixed to a wall or designed to stand against it and its top is supported by consoles or front legs. Stacking this table in a room is an easy way of making a dull wall interesting.

It can be used for displaying artwork, decorative items and personal memorabilia like family pictures and portraits.

Another of its use is the storage space in it. All the small items in your living room you do not want on display like, magazines, keys, TV remote etc. can be tucked away easily into it. It is a multipurpose table.

Accent Tables

These tables are designed primarily to make a statement in the decor of the room. These are the pieces of furniture, which not only have functional value, but serve as aesthetic and interesting elements, to be admired.

It can be used in an area of the room where you want to draw attention of the people. These living room tables are ornamental or contemporary designer pieces which need not match with the rest of the decor.

Occasional Tables

These are small tables with no particular function or regular use. These can be moved around to where they are needed. These could serve as coffee tables, side or end tables, display tables, lamp tables, consoles etc. Some designs allow these to be folded away when not in use.

You can be creative and make an occasional living room table with a stack of books, a wooden chest etc.

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