Living Room Sets

Living room sets are the most important living room furniture

components. More than any other element in the room, it gives a distinct identity to it.

A good furniture set not only provides sufficient and comfortable seating but creates an environment where you can enjoy your moments of family and social life.

Living room furniture sets are available now-a-days in a huge variety. Some of these sets may include sofas only while others might have sofas, coffee table and end tables. Still others may have sofas, love-seat, matching chairs with coffee and end tables.

Sofa sets are available in different styles, ranging from, Victorian to vintage and antique, traditional to modern and contemporary. The commonly used materials in its manufacturing are steel, wood, wrought iron etc. For upholstery a range of materials such as leather, suede, nylon, cotton, micro-fiber etc. are used mostly.

You need to first select the type and style of furniture set that you want. That should go with the theme and decor that you have planned for your room.

Once you finalize on the style, it is time to check out its color and fabrics, which again should complement the overall decor.

New furniture sets, due to its volume and numbers, can totally transform your living room in an instant. This is not possible if you change the furniture piece by piece over a period of time.

Since the living room sets are a collection of number of pieces, the whole price of the package comes down substantially, unlike different pieces bought separately.

Arranging living room sets

Depending on various factors like shape, size, design, total area etc. of the living room, various arrangements of the sofa sets are possible in a given space. It is important to realize that when you place the sofa set in a particular fashion, the whole space occupied by it becomes the center of attention in the room.

So all the other elements should be arranged or designed, as the case may be, keeping in mind that fact.

Also before buying and arranging the furniture set decide on your main activity in the living room. Whether it is primarily entertaining guests or you plan to use it mostly for watching TV or spending time with your family or anything else. The type and arrangement of the furniture set should reflect that aspect.

For example, if you have a large number of friends, more seating should be there. The arrangement should also be such that it encourages conversation. You can have large and small pockets of seating in that case, if the space permits.

If you plan to have the TV as the main focal point in the room, the furniture set should have a cabinet housing it and all the electronic paraphernalia like DVD player etc.

It is also important to check the electrical, telephone and cable outlets along with doors and window locations before arranging or even buying the furniture set. All these things can greatly influence your final selection of the furniture set.

While arranging the furniture set, ensure that the back of the main sofa piece is not towards the front entry to the room. It is not a welcoming sight to have the furniture arranged like that.

Also you should use the space in a rational manner. Do not overcrowd the space with having too many of the furniture items in a small space.

In the final run, whatever living room sets you choose, it should complement the carpets, rugs, curtains, walls, flooring, other furniture and accessories, in effect the overall decor. The colors, materials and textures should harmonize with the

style and design of the room.

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