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There are a lot of living room ideas that can transform your room to suit your needs and personality. You can design the room in a particular style which best reflects your self and you feel comfortable with.

When you go for any style, the trick is to stick to it in all the elements. Do not mix and match different styles together.

Let us discuss a few themes and styles which can be used to achieve multiple living room ideas for designing and decor.

Modern and Contemporary

Everything, from furniture to accessories, in this style of living room is chosen because they work on their own and also harmonize with the whole decor.

It means that the way objects and accessories are used and displayed is as important as the items themselves. Each piece has an understated elegance to it.

Color and texture play an important role in this style. A calm and soothing look is an essential part of a simple and elegant living room.

While selecting colors, choose neutral palette - colors such as grey, pink or yellow and their shades - adding just a little contrast.

Likewise, for textures, use fabrics, furnishings and finishes which are pleasing to the touch and the eye.

Having a combination of cool (glass, metal etc.) and warm (wood, wool, linen etc.) textures in the right areas and proportions can infuse the room with a richness that is very elegant.

Use artwork only where it makes a definite statement. This is not a look where every wall should be densely covered with paintings.

Lighting is very important in this style. Use ambient background lighting which can be altered as per the moods and the occasions. Use table lamps of different heights and styles to complement the main lighting and decor.

Natural light is an integral part of the scheme. It should be drawn in as much as possible. Curtains should be light with smooth fabrics and lighter colors.

Using these suggestions will help you with many living room ideas in modern and contemporary style.

Vintage Style

This is a style which incorporates designs and patterns which are not antiques but are not new either. It has reference to designs from mid to late 20th century.

The design elements are very exuberant and dynamic in the vintage style. The furniture pieces, accessories, fabric prints and patterns are bold and colorful. Loud floral imprints in the soft furnishings and wall paintings are a hallmark of this style.

The colors used in this style are very bold and sharp. So use them carefully and in a few selected areas to give accent features on a laid-back background.

Use these unusual and bold elements of vintage style in a very controlled way. It is the surprise of the contrast that works here.

Furniture designs of this style have a sculptural quality. Having these in the room adds an artistic touch to it besides being used as a functional element.

Modern Country

This style gives a welcome break from the modern and contemporary designs that are so prevalent everywhere. It will give you a lot of unique living room ideas for furniture, wall treatment, decor and display etc.

The uncluttered, modern country style is a contemporary way of redefining the rural countryside home decor.

Simplicity of the whole decor and style along with all the elements included is the main highlight of this style. It is not about making a statement. It does away with all the extravagance.

Comfort is the main guiding factor of this style. It is all about easy and relaxed look. Low-key furniture, easy to sink in seating, washable fabrics make it the most practical of all styles.

The colors are rustic and the textures are hard and rough. It is a straightforward approach to decor with no sophistication and overly stylized works of art.

Concentrate on the natural and the appropriate elements which enhance the design and decor rather than contrast.

All White

White is a very subtle option for generating living room ideas. It is quite flexible and adaptable to your needs and requirements. It can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want.

White comes in various tones and shades. There are cool white shades and warm white shades.

Use some accents of pastel colors to make the palette interesting. These can be used in rugs, cushions, curtains or a feature wall. But do not use contrasts.

A white-toned room creates a very good background for modern living room furniture. The clean lines, polished surfaces and geometrical shapes stand out against a white background.

White is also a perfect background for displaying different objects and artwork. Indoor plants look best in a white setting.

White is the lightest of all colors. So if the natural light is very bright in your area, subdue the white with soft tones. Also use the inside lights carefully as those will reflect a lot in a white setting.

Flooring and upholstery on the furniture also has to be selected carefully in a white scheme. The tones and textures should complement the whole scheme.

Dark Monochromatic

The ideal contemporary dark look focuses on a space that is well defined and has a clarity of purpose. Every object just fits in the room within the overall scheme.

Living room ideas in this style require the right selection of furniture. The sofas and chairs should have deep enough seats and tall enough backs. Wall and upholstery colors should be deep and rich.

This style emphasizes on design and color rather than living room accessories for its impact. It is always better to have a focal point in this scheme. A fireplace could serve as one or a seating around a low table just works fine.

Wooden flooring is often the best solution for this style. It enhances the dark colors used on the walls and the furniture.

There should be enough storage for everything required in the room because the style relies on a few elements for its impact. Rest everything should be out of view.

Using any of these options will give you a lot of living room ideas. But whatever style you choose, make sure you are comfortable with it, and it reflects your personality.

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