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You have to be very careful while selecting the living room furniture. Because living room, more than any place in the home, will reflect your taste and style.

Also when at home, you will spend the maximum time there. Not only you need to ensure that seating is very comfortable but each furniture piece should add to the look and feel that you want to project in the room.

It is vital to have right pieces of furniture, whether that is seating, tables, lamps or any other objects. It must be chosen with due regard to the living room designs.

Size and Scale

When choosing living room furniture, it is essential to keep the scale and proportions of the total space in mind.

Furniture that is too big for the space will become overpowering. It will also restrict the smooth movement of people from one area to another.

The furniture that is too small will create an effect where empty space, rather than the people in it, dominates.

Create a sense of balance by choosing furniture that is the right size, shape and scale for your room.

Normally what works best is a combination of designs and styles to cater to a variety of people and situations.

Different people will like different types of seating. Some might like to relax in a cushioned easy chair while others might prefer an upright upholstered chair. So it is always better to have a choice available.

Whatever you choose, each separate piece should have its own identity and also fit into the overall design plan that you conceived for the room.

Selecting Living Room Furniture

While selecting main furniture pieces, whether sofas, chairs, coffee table or storage pieces, classic style is usually preferred.

Now-a-days though modern living room furniture, with its clean lines and elegant shapes is much in demand.

Start with a good proportioned sofa. Add a few (as per the space) comfortable cushioned armchairs. Include a coffee table complementing these pieces.

Based on this foundation you can keep on adding further furniture pieces and decorative items to suit your requirements and reflecting your style and personality.

Do not overcrowd your room with excess furniture. It should be just right to give that feeling of spaciousness. A place where you can relax without feeling overwhelmed with the furniture.

Further if you have children it is better to have sufficient space for them to move around without getting injured.

Choose furniture that has clean lines and bold shapes.

Arranging Living Room Furniture

There are many ways to group the furniture pieces to create different effects. It could be done symmetrically, which is the most common, asymmetrically in a diagonal fashion or radiating from a specific point.

Have a focal point around which the furniture should be arranged. This can be a furniture piece in itself, which you want to highlight. Or it can be a large window overlooking a beautiful view outside, a fireplace, a feature wall or even a wall painting.

While arranging living room furniture, flexibility is the key. Design the space with furniture that offers lot of options. It should be easy to add a chair or two from the dining area when guests arrive. Or pull up an easy chair for an intimate chat.

Ensure that coffee table is within easy reach of everybody, easily accessible from all the seating areas. Side table should be high enough to reach the arms of sofa for convenient usage.

Soft Furnishings

From plump sofas to easy cushioned chairs, soft furnishings bring the required level of comfort to a living room.

Soft furnishings are often the quickest, most effective and cheapest way to bring style and personality into a room. Old pieces of furniture can be transformed and new pieces made unique with these.

When finalizing the design of the fabric, take into account the scale of the pattern relative to the size of furniture piece to be covered. Large scale pattern on a small chair will not look good.

Harmonize the colors of the soft furnishings with the other colors in the room such as the walls, windows etc.

If the colors of the larger pieces of furniture are subtle in tone, stack them with contrasting cushions and other living room accessories.

With these living room furniture and furnishing ideas, you can easily enhance the decor of your room to suit your needs and personality.

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