Living Room Design Ideas

Living room design ideas can be generated in plenty once you know and work with the basic design principles and elements.

Living room is the heart of the home. This is the room with the widest range of creative possibilities, given the many uses to which it can be put. It is a place to work, relax and play.

The design of living room sets the tone for the whole house. It should accommodate the daily needs of all the occupants. The room has to be adapted to suit different needs and requirements.

First, check the things that cannot be changed, for example walls, doors, windows etc. Although you cannot change or remove these elements but can very well adapt them to blend in with the planning and decor.

For example, doors can be painted the same color as walls to remove unnecessary attention from it. Windows can be made to appear smaller or taller with the clever use of blinds or curtains.


Before choosing the living room furniture, furnishings, colors and accessories, it is essential to plan the room. The more detailed it is, more impact it will have on the room. The essence of good living room design ideas lies in careful planning.

Symmetrical furniture arrangement for living room design ideas
A symmetrical furniture arrangement

The shape of a room along with the positioning of doors and windows determines its best arrangement.


Planning for the movement and circulation in a living space is crucial to making it comfortable. Consider how you move from other rooms or from outside to this room as well as within the room. After taking into account this aspect, start thinking about arranging the furniture accordingly.


When planning your space, it is best to look at each part of the room as a potential setting for different activities. These settings could be group seating and entertainment for family and friends, a niche or a corner for quiet reading and solitude, space for decoration and displays etc.

This way, by clearly defining your requirements and identifying the spaces for those, you can design each area individually. The whole process becomes much easier and the room will be more than the sum of its parts.

Focal Point

Identify or create an interesting focal point in the room. Fireplace is a traditional focal point. Its best not to have the TV as the main focus. It defeats the main purpose of the room, which is quality interaction.

You can have an interesting wall feature, a living room table or a large window opening on a beautiful view outside as the main focal point around which the whole room is oriented.


Furniture changes the visual proportions of a room. Create a sense of balance by choosing living room furniture that is the right size, shape and scale for your room.

Right proportions of furniture enhances the decor and adds to living room design ideas
Right proportions of furniture enhances the look and feel

Oversized furniture in a small room can be overpowering and could compromise traffic flow. Furniture that is too small can produce an environment where space, rather than the people in it, dominates.

To achieve flexibility and to have a lot of living room design ideas, it is best to have the furniture that easily adapts to different orientations.

Alternate furniture arrangement for living room design ideas
Sofa placed diagonally to the room orientation

Planning will also give you living room design ideas for decorating and displays besides furniture arrangement.

Design Elements

By using the elements of color, light and texture, the living room's space can be manipulated to look larger or smaller. This can be achieved by creating effects that highlight certain areas and modify the perception of others.

Further, exciting new living room design ideas can be generated easily by using these elements creatively.


Color schemes should be such that it is easy to live within at all times and situations. It should reflect your personality and tastes. Choose the colors in accordance with the mood you want to create in the room.

Try to create a sense of harmony in colors used on different elements like walls, furnishings, carpets and rugs etc. You can also highlight an area or a feature by using strong accent color on it.

Use colors for living room design ideas
Strong accent color highlights the element


Lighting will dictate how you see and perceive the room. It will even influence how it makes you feel.

Use a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting to accommodate various activities in the room.

  • Ambient or mood lighting is for general illumination and to create the atmosphere that you want at different times.
  • Task lighting is for reading and working.
  • Accent lighting focuses on objects or any other features you want to highlight.


Texture is one of the most sensory elements of living room designs. Make every surface pleasing to the touch and the eye by choosing luxurious fabrics, furnishings, finishes and accessories.

Different textures will give opportunity for lot of living room design ideas
Fabrics and furnishings add textural sophistication

By using contrast you can achieve very exciting textural effects. You can transform key areas, such as walls, doors and floors by using interesting textures on these.

Keeping these elements in consideration, you will have great living room design ideas.

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