Living Room Decorating Ideas
Easy Ways To Decorate Your Living Room

Using creative living room decorating ideas adds a sense of personality and character to the room. The way it is decorated shows a way into your heart.

Let us discuss a few decorating elements that are most essential to bring life to the living room decor.

To start, let us see...

How To Use Colors To Brighten Up Your Room

First, select the color palette you want to use for your living room. It is quite easy and effective if you begin with a neutral palette. Different elements of the room like walls, furniture, carpets etc. can be in neutral color shades.

On this neutral background, add drama by using accent colors on feature walls or having some special decorative pieces, like artwork, displayed in the strategic positions.

See living room design ideas for more ideas and information.

artwork displayed strategically adds to the living room decorating ideas
Artwork displayed strategically with other items

Furnishings and accessories can then be used to tie the color and add more of it into the rest of the room.

Let us see how...

Furnishings Can Elevate The Decor Of The Room

Use furniture and furnishings that have good lines and bold shapes. Add unique pieces and antique furniture to add drama to the decor.

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Dissimilar furniture pieces can add to the style and decor of the living room. These can be visually linked by grouping them closely together.

Do not always go for the cheapest soft furnishings. A rich design on the furnishings, with lovely colors and textures, can really transform your furniture into a beautiful piece.

If you do opt for less expensive options, go for simple color combinations and patterns. These will always look better than an over done design.

Also check the scale of the pattern relative to the furniture piece on which it is to be used. Large scale pattern, for example, will look out of scale on a small chair.

Next, let us talk about how to...

Use Accessories To Bring Life To The Living Room

Accessories play an important role in decorating the room. They also help you give a character to the living room designs by adding that personal touch.

Changing the accessories is a simple and affordable way to experiment with living room decorating ideas and evolve your style over time.

Use accessories to express your passion of the moment and to display whatever currently interests you. Simple changes can add a lot of freshness and interest in the room.

Add some vibrant cushions, change lampshades, throw in new rugs or get a new artwork for a new look and feel to the room.

Using and combining throws and cushions in different sizes, textures and colors too can transform the look of your living room.

Using candlelight as an accessory is an interesting way of creating pockets of warmth and light, where you would like people to gather.

See living room accessories for many more ideas and detailed information on the use of accessories in the living room.

Another essential element of living room decorating ideas is display.

Displays Add Intimacy And Personal Touch To The Decor

Displaying your personal and prized possessions is a very intimate way of adding to the living room decorating ideas. These could be a collection of family portraits, colorful vases, porcelain pieces or sculptures.

living room decorating ideas
Displays add character to the room

A display can take the place of a fireplace, influencing the placement of furniture and providing a center of focus for the room.

a display as focus for living room decorating ideas
An interesting display influences furniture placement

Do not crowd too many pieces in a small space. Give your collection plenty of room for great styling. This will ensure that each piece can be admired in the best possible way.

Also do not add too many elements in one display. Otherwise it will become too distracting and will not look cohesive.

collection of porcelain pieces as living room decorating ideas
Collection of vases and porcelain pieces

Proportion and scale are important for a good grouping of decorative objects on display. Instead of having a group of objects with similar height and width, group together some vertical and some horizontal pieces for visual harmony and interest.

dissimilar objects for interesting living room decorating ideas
Dissimilar objects can create interesting displays

Where you display your collection is also quite important. Displays that are at eye level and close to the seating area have more perceived value than those at higher or lower level.

Finally, each item chosen to display and decorate the living room should have a character of its own. And it should simultaneously fit in the overall picture adding to the design, style and ambience of the place.

Just apply these easy to use suggestions along with your imagination and creativity and you will have living room decorating ideas in abundance.

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