Living Room Chairs

Living room chairs are not what comes to mind when we think about living room furniture. It is quite naturally the sofa set with the coffee table. But come to think of it, the chairs are what provide flexibility in seating to the living room.

A chair is what you look for when you want to sit in solitary comfort or there are more guests in your home than there is seating.

Living room chair for solitary comfort
Chair for solitary comfort

Several comfortable chairs strewn around the room, in a way to make easy for people to sit and interact with one another, is the essence of a good living room furniture arrangement.

Comfortable living room chairs
Comfortable chairs for easy living

Before buying living room chairs, decide on the size and style that you want along with your need, the color scheme of the room and what effect you want from the chairs, if any.

Let us look at more popular types of chairs that you can make as part of your living room furniture arrangement.

Simple Chairs

First, there is the simple chair without much ado about it. It is the most practical and the least expensive. It can be used in a variety of positions and uses. It will come in all shapes, sizes, designs and materials. So you can buy these as per your needs, space and the design scheme.

Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are the ones that provide an element of artistic touch to your decor in general and furniture in particular. These have a sculptural quality in them.

These chairs are designed to provide an element of visual interest in the room besides providing comfort to the user. A red accent chair, for example, can transform the living room decor when used in combination with black sofa set.

Accent chairs are available in a wide variety of furniture like decorative cushioned chairs, ottomans, leather chairs etc. These can be arm or armless chairs.

Accent living room chair
Accent chairs add interest

Wing-back chairs and slipper chairs are good examples of accent chairs.

Reclining Chairs

Another very popular type of living room chair is reclining chair. These chairs are very comfortable. These are ideal for a solitary corner in your living room. These are mostly used for reading, watching TV or just plain relaxing.

Reclining living room chair
Reclining chair

Reclining chairs might include an ottoman or a built-in footrest. Ottoman can double up as a seat when more guests arrive to your place.

While buying the reclining chairs, try these out beforehand. Check for the comfort level as well as the mechanism for movement.

Tub chairs

A tub chair is a chair with the arms and the back at the same height. The arms may also start at lower level and curve up to the back.

Living room tub chair
Tub Chair

Since these are enclosed from three sides, giving the look of a tub, they are very comfortable to sit in. It gives a feeling of sinking into the chair.

These are quite bulky but sculptural in shape. Hence positioning them in symmetry, opposite a large sofa, on either side of a low coffee table gives a very elegant look.

Bold and sharp patterns on a tub chair add a lot of exuberance in color, texture and pattern in an otherwise dull and subdued decor.

Home-Theater Chairs

Now-a-days home theater is an integral part of the living room. Hence, home theater seating and chairs are very important to be considered.

You want to be as comfortable as possible while viewing a movie. Most of the home theater chairs have built in power reclining seats. With automatic reclining system you can correct the extent of incline for comfortable viewing.

Some of the chairs even come with cup-holders, built in storage compartments and drop down backs to store snacks etc.

Now go ahead and complement the living room designs and decor with some nice, elegant living room chairs.

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