Living Room Accessories

Accessories are the items that make a room come alive. Living room accessories play an important role in adding a personal touch to the room.

They can be both practical and decorative. They enrich a room with accents of color, intricate patterns and soft texture.

Living room accessories come in every shape and size. There are functional items like cushions and rugs to serve specific needs. Then there are larger pieces of art and sculpture to add visual interest.

living room accessories like cushions and rugs add to the decor
Accessories like cushions add to the decor of the room

The flowers, plants and greenery bring the outdoors in. Personal items like family portraits, photos and mementos add character to the room.

Find interesting and imaginative ways of bringing the accessories together. And they will give the maximum impact by using or displaying them at the right places.

Interesting living room accessories make an impact
Interesting elements like lamps enhance the impact

Quite often, it is the arrangement of accessories, as much as the items themselves, that create a strong impression. Clever grouping of objects that draw the eye to points of interest throughout the room adds depth to the room.

Changing accessories is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to infuse a new lease of life into your room. Introducing new cushions and curtains, for example, is much easier than painting walls.

Living room accessories do not need to be very formal. These can be casual expressions of your moods and interests.

You can use a few design ideas listed below to create interesting features in your living room using simple accessories -

  • On a table or mantel used for displaying artifacts, create a palette of contrasting textures like rough and smooth, glass and metal. For example, add natural objects like stones piled together to a collection of silver candlesticks.
  • Mix pieces from different worlds and different periods blended together in a harmonious way. For example, you can have modern vases and picture frames displayed along with vintage artworks.
  • Change lampshades to alter the atmosphere of the room.
  • Add a few loose covers, some vibrant cushions or a colorful throw to renew your sofa.
  • Carefully selected carpets and curtains will affect your decor in a big way. Choose the items which lend a luxurious and understated elegance to your living room.
  • Use of indoor plants as living room decoration items create a certain ambience to the room. It brings life to the whole decor in a literal way, which is delightful to the eye.

Living room accessories can be grouped in two categories -

Soft Accessories - Cushions, rugs, throws and other soft accessories invite you to settle into the place.

living room accessories like cushions add color
Colorful cushions and throws give an inviting feel

Choose colors and textures to complement the rooms furniture, upholstery and loose covers. These can easily be changed to add accents of color and texture to a room.

living room soft accessories
Soft accessories add accents of color and texture

Hard Accessories - These bring a strong sense of form to a space. These include metal, glass or ceramic accessories like mirrors, colorful vases, porcelain sculptures etc.

living room hard accessories
Metal and glass

Each accessory chosen to be a part of the living room should add to it in its own way and simultaneously harmonizing and blending in with the bigger picture.

For maximum effect, keep in mind a few things while adding decorative accessories to your living room -

  • Living room accessories that are purely decorative should be displayed at the eye level.
  • Add a variety of vertical and horizontal items in a grouping of objects on display to create interest and visual harmony.
  • Do not have too many pieces displayed together. None of those can be admired properly that way. They will also not give an elegant appearance.

Accessories, if used in a creative way, can really brighten up your living room having maximum effect with minimum money, time and effort involved.

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