Kitchen Window Coverings

The kitchen window coverings can add a lot of style to the room and make it look more of a hospitable area. But you also need to consider the practical issues affecting the choice of window dressings in a kitchen.

Kitchen now-a-days has become the focal point of the house. Besides cooking and cleaning the dishes, more and more families are using the kitchen to eat, entertain, relax or work. Hence the kitchen should be pleasant and inviting. Considering that, the curtains and blinds need to keep up with the appearances.

On the other hand, the kitchen is essentially a work room. It is filled with steam, moisture and cooking smells, clinging to any fabric present. Hence the window treatment needs to be practical too. It should be easy to clean and maintain.

In short, the window coverings should be stylish, complementing the overall decor and should meet the functional requirements of a working kitchen.

Normally, lightly gathered curtains, cafe curtains or simple, tailored blinds are the best options as kitchen window coverings.

The fabric used for the curtains and blinds should be washable. Linen and cotton are good quality, natural fabrics suited for this purpose. These are sufficiently attractive yet practical. The blinds made of oilcloth are the most practical. These can be easily wiped and are stain-resistant.

Window coverings that can easily be removed from the headings should be used.

Plain fabrics will be more in sync with the working nature of the room than grand, ornately patterned ones. They will better suit the simple style of the heading too.

Curtains that are softly patterned, in muted complimentary colors work better to soften the hard edges and reflective surfaces in the kitchen.

Since kitchen is not usually a room where privacy is an issue, some of the windows where harsh light is not filtering in, might not require a covering at all. This is specially true for small windows above a countertop or sink, which are constantly splashed in any case.

Homes where kitchen is part of the open-plan living area, consider treating the room as two distinct areas linked by a common window treatment theme. You may choose similar fabric for all the windows in that area. But the styling of the window treatment has to be adapted to suit the function of each area. For example, you can have gathered curtains in the living area and blinds in the kitchen area.

Using these ideas on kitchen window coverings, you can dress up the windows to have a perfect balance between practicality and elegance.

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