Kitchen Track Lighting

Kitchen track lighting is the best way to light up your kitchen in an aesthetic way without adding any bulky light fixtures.


It is a very flexible lighting system in its 'free-form' version where different lights can be fitted at any point along the track and moved about.

This way you can have a lighting system which is personalized as per your needs. For example, you can have spot-lights in the working area and pendant light for the kitchen island or dining area.

Track lights are a very valuable resource for your kitchen lighting ideas. They can very effectively be used as both task and ambient lighting. They will also provide much needed light to the dark corners (e.g. near the kitchen storage cabinets) and any other areas where light is difficult to reach.

Kitchen track lighting is normally used to highlight an accent wall or wash a wall with light where bright kitchen colors are used.

Different lights in a mounting can be wired independently as separate tracks. That way, one track can be dimmed or switched off while the other is fully on. This way you can save some power and energy consumption can be reduced.

One important thing to note here is that one track cannot have as many light fittings as you want because each fitting draws certain amount of power from the system. You need to check the product instructions to see the maximum number of fittings that you can add.

Track lights come in line voltage and low voltage configurations. Line voltage has the standard current going through different fittings. No transformer is needed in such track fittings. In the low voltage fittings, a transformer is used to step down the current to much lower levels.


There are many benefits of installing kitchen track lighting like -

  • You can direct light to whichever part of the kitchen you want as per your needs. The track can be configured to meet your requirements.
  • Another advantage of kitchen track lighting is that it can be installed any where there is a lighting outlet. You can remove an old lighting fixture and replace it with track lights. That way you can install several lights in the track in place of one fixture before.
  • From one lighting outlet you can have multiple sources of light.
  • They are easy to install. All that is required is fixing track to the ceiling and a lighting outlet next to it.
  • It is a very effective lighting system to give shape to the kitchen design ideas by highlighting an accent wall, an artwork or any other interesting feature in the kitchen.
  • On the same tracks you can have different light fittings like spot-lights, pendants etc. You can also change the look of the light fittings whenever you want, say from classic to contemporary.
  • Since these are not heavy fixtures, they can also be installed on hollow surfaces like false ceilings.

Although there are a lot of benefits of having track lights in the kitchen, it is essential to note that these lights are not meant to be the primary source of lighting in the kitchen. They are designed as alternate or accent lights complementing the main lights.

Sometimes the track lights can be intrusive and make the kitchen lighting look like a shop's display lighting. So you have to make a judgment if having these lights will improve the functionality and ambience of your kitchen or will look totally out of place.

Also it is not advisable to use them if you have a small kitchen or its ceiling is too low.


There are different types and designs of kitchen track lighting systems available, which you can choose as per your needs, kitchen's size and style, the lighting outlets available etc. -

  • Fixed - Most inexpensive and commonly used track lighting system but less flexible in use. The track has four or five permanent light fittings which cannot be moved.
  • Monorail - It is a single straight track in which the light fittings can be moved.
  • Flexible - The flexible mounting tracks can be configured into different shapes to complement the kitchen size and style. These are also good for personalizing the lighting as per your requirements. This is the 'free-form' version we talked about earlier.
  • Curved - Curved tracks as the name suggests in which the light fittings can be moved.
  • Cable - Instead of a track, a cable is used. It adds more flexibility to the system.

Before selecting kitchen track lighting, please factor in the theme and style of your kitchen. The track lights have to be selected accordingly. There are many styles of track lights available now-a-days like antique, classic and contemporary. While choosing try to blend these with the style of your kitchen.

With all this information you can easily choose the kitchen track lighting as per your needs and the style of your kitchen. They will not only give your kitchen that extra sparkle but will improve its functionality and make your work there comfortable.

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