Kitchen Storage Cabinets

No matter how big your kitchen is, you can never have enough storage. Kitchen storage cabinets can make your kitchen look neat and organized.


Planning for kitchen storage cabinets is one of the most important considerations when brainstorming new kitchen design ideas or remodeling an old one.

Insufficient storage is normally less to do with lack of space in a kitchen and more to do with improper planning and organization. So it is important to decide from the beginning your storage requirements.

While planning for the cabinets, you need to plan for the placement of your appliances first and then plan the cabinets accordingly.

There are many specialized types of cabinets and accessories available now-a-days like pull-out cabinets, slide-out shelves, drawers with storage for different types of utensils, refrigerated drawers etc.

Cabinet Types

You can choose from various types of cabinets as per your needs and budget -

  • Custom cabinets - expensive option but you can customize each and every element like sizes, material, finishes, look, color, door styles etc. as per your needs.
  • Stock cabinets - these are pre-assembled units that come in large variety of materials and colors. They are mass-produced and come in standard sizes. Hence they are cheaper than custom cabinets. You can choose the ones as per your requirements and overall decor.
  • Ready to assemble cabinets - this is a do-it-yourself option. Although the cheapest option but needs to be assembled completely from individual pieces. It is time consuming and requires a lot of effort.


Wooden kitchen cabinets are the most prevalent as they are strong, durable and long-lasting. They are available in a wide range of grains and colors, giving you the flexibility to match the decor that you want.

Wooden base cabinets are strong enough to support any type of heavy countertop material like granite, marble etc. They are also quite sturdy and good for years of use in harsh conditions like under heat and steam.

Stainless steel kitchen storage cabinets are maintenance free. They are very easy to clean and are very sturdy. Although more expensive than the standard kitchen cabinets, they will last much longer and will give your kitchen a sleek, modern look.

But if used on a very large surface area, can give the kitchen an industrial and commercial feel to it.


Keep in mind that cabinets due to their volume, will visually dominate the look and feel of your kitchen. So select and choose them carefully.

Pre-conceive the look that you want for your kitchen and finalize the colors and materials of the cabinets accordingly. Have the colors of the cabinets complement the kitchen colors.

Cabinet accessories are a very important element of the kitchen storage cabinets. These include door knobs and handles, custom organizers like sliding trays, pull-out racks or spinning units to enable easy accessibility in the cabinets.

Having practical and aesthetical cabinet accessories will improve your efficiency and add to the overall decor.

Storage Tips

The kitchen is a place to house a lot of diverse things from supplies and utensils to dried foods and pet foods, fresh fruit to cleaning powders, rubbish bags and what not. You need to decide what is to be displayed in the open shelves and what is to be concealed behind cabinet doors. It will affect the functionality of the kitchen as well as its appearance.

If it is an open plan kitchen, it is better to conceal as many things as possible for a sleek, uncluttered look.

Plan the cabinets in a way to keep regularly used supplies and utensils within easy reach. Keep the every day used objects at the prime storage space - somewhere between knee and eye level.

Less frequently used specialist appliances like ice-cream and yogurt makers should be stored in the less accessible storage areas away from the prime spots.

Store crockery over the sink or draining board where it is easier to be stored after washing and it can drip dry thereafter.

Kitchen sink cabinet can store a number of items related to cleaning of dishes and maintenance of kitchen like trash can, sponges, cleaning powder etc.

Take care not to store bulky or heavy items too high up or too low down.

By understanding these basics of kitchen storage cabinets, you will be in a much better position to decide what exactly you want and follow accordingly.

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