Kitchen Sink Cabinet

A kitchen sink cabinet is the base cabinet installed below the sink. It has holes at the back to allow plumbing for sink to pass through and an opening in the front enclosed with doors.

For sink installation above the cabinet, you can have either drop-in sinks - which sit directly on top of the counter or under mount sinks - where sink is attached to the counter from underneath.

Size and Material

The type of sink and its size will determine the size of the cabinet to be fitted below it. Normally, a hole is cut in the countertop and sink is fitted in that hole. The cabinet should be big enough to house the sink comfortably. There should be some room left behind that for the installation of the sink faucet.

Choose colors and materials for the exterior of the sink cabinet to complement other kitchen storage cabinets, the countertop and other elements like flooring, splash backs etc. which define the look and feel of the kitchen.

The cabinet interior should be made of a material that is water-resistant. If it is wooden, it should have a water-resistant paint or coating like melamine.


You need to decide exactly what you want to store in the sink cabinet and then it can be designed accordingly.

Much of the area below the sink is taken by the plumbing fixtures for the sink. Hardly any space is left-over to be used for storage there. But by innovative use of the space it is possible to provide sufficient area for storage.

Fold-out drawers, roll-out drawers, wire baskets are some of the options which you can get installed in the kitchen sink cabinet to maximize the space. These make the storage easily accessible without bending down and reaching the far corners of the cabinet. But make sure to take into account their sizes before finalizing the cabinet size.

You can have shelves installed in the kitchen sink cabinet that can wrap around the sink plumbing. Otherwise, a shelf can be installed below the plumbing.

If you have a corner sink, a blind corner pivot and slide shelf is a good option.

There are trash cans available that can be fixed to the back of cabinet doors. This will not only make them very handy for use but will keep them out of sight.


For maintenance and cleaning, keep in mind that moisture can cause a lot of damage to the cabinet. So clean the insides of the sink cabinet regularly with a damp cloth and cleaning solution. Avoid using damp cloth on the doors.

Kitchen sink cabinet is an essential part of the kitchen. These guidelines will help you get the maximum out of this little looked-into but highly used area.

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