Kitchen Islands Ideas

Space in the kitchen is never enough. Kitchen islands ideas that not only increase the working space but improve its functionality are what make a great kitchen.

While finalizing your kitchen design, if you have the luxury of a large kitchen, consider including an island unit in the layout. It will improve your efficiency and convenience manifold by adding extra work areas close to the main working spots of cooking, sink and preparation area.

It will also take the pressure off the wall-bound units. Kitchen island will give all the benefits of a perimeter kitchen (where all four walls in a kitchen have worktops), without the rigid and cluttered effect it creates.

If the kitchen is large enough, an island unit can be introduced in a L-shaped or U-shaped layout to give a more compact work triangle. There are a lot of ways to incorporate kitchen islands ideas and applications in these types of layouts.

Island unit creates a feeling of openness in the kitchen although careful planning is required to prevent wasted journeys around it.

A good kitchen island should be at least 30-36 inches wide. The length will depend on the size and layout of the kitchen. It will be better not to give an island if you can't have at least that much width due to space constraints. Otherwise, it will be more of an obstacle to easy movement and efficient working in the kitchen.

In small kitchen designs, a portable kitchen island or food preparation cart can do the trick. These will give you new possibilities to expand on space and usability. Also cleaning the kitchen is easy with portable islands.

Even small kitchen tables can be used as islands for multifunctional needs, where the space is not big enough.

It is always a good idea to make the kitchen islands multipurpose. You can use it as an additional work surface.

You can have a hob or sink installed in the island unit. But keep in mind that electrical and plumbing connections need to run under the floor to reach the island. You will also need provision for canopy hood overhead for ventilation, if you plan to use the island for cooking.

Island units can also be used for additional kitchen storage as well as for keeping appliances.

It can also be used as an informal eating and relaxing space. Guests can sit around the island unit chatting to the cook while staying out of the working area.

You can have pendant lights installed aligned with the center of the island unit. It will highlight the island unit besides providing sufficient kitchen lighting to the table top. Even track lights are a good option for lighting the island.

Keeping all the above things in mind, when planning for the kitchen island, decide the specific uses that you want it for. That way you can exactly shape it as per your needs and requirements.

Kitchen islands ideas if executed properly can give you a lot of working space along with informal seating areas in your kitchen. It has many benefits, as listed below, which you can use to maximum advantage -

  • These can form an effective partition and smooth transition between the kitchen and dining area.
  • With all sides free to work and sit along, it can be used by several people at once, making it highly usable and practical.
  • By having raised eating shelf and providing some high stools, it can become a functional eating area.
  • By providing seating around the island unit, you encourage other people in the house to join you while you are working.
  • It can have plenty of storage areas, even decorative ones with glass shelves and sections lighted up nicely, to display beautiful crockery or any other items.
  • These can be beautiful units that can enhance the look of your kitchen.

You can generate a lot of kitchen islands ideas using the above guidelines in conjunction with your working needs and habits in the kitchen and the available space.

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