Kitchen Colors

Kitchen colors can transform even the most drab kitchen into a place you love to work. They can make you feel relaxed and add personality to the room.

You spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Why not make the place more enjoyable to work in? Easiest way to do that is by adding colors to different elements of the kitchen like, walls, floors, cabinets, countertops etc.

Colors can give you a lot of kitchen design ideas and can easily add to the decorative palette.

Color Selection

White and bright yellow are the most reflective colors. They will make a space look larger than it is. They will enhance the effect of natural light. So it will be better to use these colors if you have small kitchen designs.

Kitchen lighting ideas play an important role in selecting the colors for the kitchen.

If your kitchen is naturally warm and it gets a lot of sunlight, you can go for darker shades like dark blue. These tend to absorb light creating a much soother environment.

Rich colors like red, orange and yellow will warm up a cold stark kitchen energizing the whole space. They add personality to the whole space. You can use them to create a vibrant impact. You can also use these as accent colors against a white background.

Greens and blues are cool, soothing kitchen colors. But use them with caution as excess of these can make the whole look institutional.

White color combined with stainless steel finishes gives a clean, fresh and hygienic look to the whole kitchen.

Although you would like to use strong colors in your kitchen to make a statement, it is always a good idea to select the colors keeping in mind the rest of the home's decor and connect with it at some level. Try to create a sense of harmony in terms of colors and textures with the other rooms. Think at a larger scale and be all inclusive.

Try to coordinate the colors of different elements within the kitchen. The colors used on different elements such as walls, flooring, countertops, cabinets, backsplash, appliances, furniture items like kitchen tables etc. should give a cohesive look to the whole room.

Bright Colors

Bright colors refresh and cheer up the place they are used. They can be bold and dramatic. They will add energy in your kitchen.

They are normally used to draw attention to the positive aspects of the kitchen and away from the less than perfect areas.

Bright kitchen colors can also be used very effectively as a contrast or highlight in a mainly white kitchen. You can have either the kitchen storage cabinets or countertops in a bright, vibrant color set off against a white or neutral background.

Kitchen track lighting can be used to further highlight the accent colors.

Bright colors are used more and more now-a-days to define space, enhance the light, generate the mood and infuse with a personality in the kitchen.

Dark Colors

Dark tones and colors give the kitchen a rich and luxurious feel. Terracottas, browns, creams and off-whites go naturally with kitchen schemes having surfaces made of wood, stone, brick and tiles.

The more subdued the colors, the greater should be the emphasis on different textures to add depth to the whole experience. Reflective surfaces like glass, glazed tiles, stainless steel add shine and sparkle. Matt surfaces such as wood and certain types of stone bring warmth and sophistication to the whole area.

White Color

White is considered a hallmark of domestic efficiency and good housekeeping. It has always been associated with kitchen schemes due to the clean, pure and fresh look that it imparts.

All white scheme is specially suited for small kitchen designs. The light color and the reflected light will make the room look much bigger than it actually is.

White works very well with natural materials such as wood and stone. It also goes quite well with glass and steel, giving a modernist feel.

For best effects in a white kitchen, have much storage and keep the kitchen uncluttered.

Kitchen colors influence the way you work there, even to the extent of having an effect on the food that you prepare. So use them wisely and to your advantage.

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