King Size Bedroom Sets

King size bedroom sets are available in so many styles, designs, colors and materials that it is difficult to make a choice.

A bedroom set will typically have these pieces as part of the set -

  • A bed
  • A dresser unit
  • A mirror
  • A night stand or night table
  • A chest of drawers

King size bedroom sets are the sets with the largest sizes. These are suitable for moderate to big size bedrooms.

The most common type of king size beds are Eastern king and Cal-king type. Cal-king is a little narrower and longer than the Eastern king bed. The Eastern king bed size is normally 78 X 80 inches whereas Cal-king size is 72 X 84 inches.

Usually the bedroom sets are designed to match different types of decors. So conceive the look and feel that you want to give your bedroom and choose the bedroom set accordingly.

If you have a classical decor in your home, carved rustic wood beds are a good choice. For a modern and trendy bedroom, you can go for stylish wood furniture with metal inserts or an altogether metal bed and other items.

The size of the room is a very important consideration when selecting bedroom sets. Choose the bedroom set which has shape and size in proportion to the overall volume of the room without congesting it in any way.

Along with the size and style of the bedroom set, another thing to check out is the material from which it is made of. Solid wood and hard metal are good options for this.

Ensure that the mirror is the right size and height as per your requirements.

A bed is as good as the mattress you use it with. Have a good king size mattress to give you a comfortable resting place night after night.

After mattress you need the bed sets to complement your king size bedroom sets.

Bed Sets

Normally king size bed sets have seven items. These include the following -

  • A bed comforter
  • A bed skirt
  • Two pillow shams
  • Two Cushions
  • A neck roll

While choosing bed sets, consider its color and pattern. Either it should harmonize with the overall decor of the room or it should stand out against the background and act as an accent piece.

A bed set will come in many different fabric types. Choose the ones that best suits your style and climate of the place.

Your bedroom is your most private space in the whole house. You would like to make it as comfortable as possible. These guidelines will help you choose the right king size bedroom sets for your home.

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