Kids Bedroom Ideas

Children are very sensitive, curious and perceptive. Kids bedroom ideas which inspire them and evoke their imagination will create interesting spaces for children.

It is a good idea to involve the kids themselves during the designing stage of the room. Their interests and passions can help you get ideas for the room decor. This way they will feel more responsible for their room and they will care more for it.

A child's room needs to grow with the child. It is not a static room, designed for years. Initially it is a quiet, warm place for baby to sleep. It is not long before it becomes a playground, study area, a den and a meeting place. The design and different elements in the room should be able to accommodate growing needs of the child.

When brainstorming kids bedroom ideas, it is important to decide first what effect you would like to achieve in the room. Whether you would like to decorate the room in a particular theme or let the colors, lighting and decor speak for themselves, conceive the whole look in your mind first.

The various elements described below are part of the kids bedroom ideas. Concentrate on each separately and as a whole to design your little one's most precious space.


Safety is the main consideration when selecting flooring for kids bedroom. Ensure that the flooring you select is anti-skid, not hard, made of fine materials that are allergy-proof. Wooden flooring and carpets are good options.

Have easy-care flooring installed in the room like rubber floorboards or laminate. A large carpet or rug will make it easy for them if they are at a crawling or learning-to-walk stage.


The kids bedroom furniture should be such so that it offers maximum floor and room space. It can be achieved with lot of storage options which are mounted.

It is better to have a good shelving system and adaptable furniture instead of custom built kids' furniture. A chest of drawers can have a lot of storage space. Simultaneously it can be used as a desk.


A child's tastes and interests change with time. Hence use easy to change paints rather than wallpaper. Same thing should be applied to other details such as bedding, soft furnishings, curtains, lampshades etc. updating these without much trouble and expense.

Be practical while decorating a kid's room. Use the decorating items that will help keep the room clean and organized.


The children prefer bright lights and do not feel comfortable in dim lights. There should be sufficient task lighting in the room for their study, work and hobbies.

The lighting should complement the theme of the room.

In the kids room it is very important that all electrical sockets are child-proof.


Storage is the key in the kids bedrooms. Lot of it is required to keep the room clean and clutter-free. Have the most storage mounted on the walls. It will free up maximum floor space for kids to sit and play around.

For easy identification, you can use color-coded boxes or baskets for larger toys and hanging drawstring bags for smaller items. Store books in a basket or on a low shelf. But keep important books on higher shelves out of the easy reach of children.

You will get lot of kids bedroom ideas when you start with interests and passions of your child, while focusing on the elements as explained here.

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