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Guidelines For Design Of Houses In Kerala

When it comes to making Kerala house plans, you need to know a few simple but critical things to make your dream home a reality.

But before we come to what those things are, it is essential to know what are house plans, in the first place. What details are included in them? How to make the best of them?

You will get all that information while browsing through Indian house plans.

Now coming to the main issue, what...

Things To Consider While Making Kerala House Plans

A house plan is a drawing representing your dreams and desires. Consider the following when finalizing them -

  • Your way of living
  • Your needs and requirements
  • How you want different spaces to be used
  • Social norms
  • Local climatic conditions

All the points are covered in detail on the following pages -

Make a list of all the points relating to your condition, while going through these articles. Ensure that all those things are included in the plans.

Now we will list down the guidelines which play a crucial role in the final design of the houses in Kerala. These are...

Design Guidelines For Local Climatic Conditions

The climate in Kerala is warm and wet, tropical climate. To make a comfortable house here ensure that the guidelines listed below are well integrated into the house plans.

Kerala house plans - shaded external walls
Shaded External Walls

Kerala house plans - Verandah

Kerala house plans - eaves
Eaves Protecting The Walls

  • Orient the house towards the prevailing wind and not the sun The wind will help cool the house by cross-ventilation.
  • Use the breeze for cross ventilation through openings in opposite walls and internal partitions.
  • A long narrow house plan is ideal to catch the breeze.
  • Maximize the open-able windows area.
  • Vertical louvers and window shutters should be used to allow for cross-ventilation.
  • Having ventilators in the roof helps to draw the heat out.
  • Have verandas to provide shading, thereby eliminating direct sun on external walls.
  • Minimize east and west wall areas. Plant dense trees near these for shading.
  • Avoid windows on east and west walls to prevent early morning and late afternoon sun heating up the house.
  • Provide openings at the lower and upper portions of internal walls for smooth air-flow.
  • The key to successful cross-ventilation is that the air follows a simple path (no corners). And large vents are used that allow lot of air to pass through.
  • Room width should not exceed five times ceiling height for good air movement. In other words, have higher ceilings for large rooms.
  • Provide tall trees on north and south to shade roof.
  • Minimize mid-height foliage to let breeze through.
  • Walls should be white or reflective, and shaded by wide eaves and palms or other trees.
  • Avoid having hard surfaces like paved area outside the house as it heats the air.

Steps To Minimize Air-Conditioning

The house should be designed such that it does not rely entirely on air-conditioning. Ensuring these features in the Kerala house plans will minimize air-conditioning needs and costs.

  • The house has the minimum glass area exposed to the sun.
  • It is properly insulated and well sealed, to prevent loss of cooled air.
  • It has the external walls shaded with veranda.
  • The windows have the maximum open-able area.
  • They are sheltered with louvers, canopies, shutters or fixed overhangs.
  • They are such placed to have cross-ventilation in all rooms.
  • The roof is light colored and well ventilated.

Integrating these features into your Kerala house plans will ensure not only a naturally comfortable house but a low-energy eco home as well.

Taking care of these issues will ensure a house perfectly suited to local conditions.

I hope this information on Kerala house plans will help make your house beautiful and comfortable. You will find lot more information on all aspects of home and interior design on this website. Use the navigation menu on the left or go to


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