Interior Designers In India
Tips On Getting The Best From Your Interior Designer

This article will give you information on selecting and working with the interior designers in India.

But before that I would like to say that most of the people I meet do not fully understand in what all ways an interior designer can help them.

Hence to start with, let us see the...

Benefits Of Hiring An Interior Designer

An interior designer can understand your needs and translate them into designs. They are trained to look at your lifestyle, how you plan to use different areas, your space requirements along with building codes, safety issues etc. (see Indian interior design for ideas on interior design of a house).

It will not only save you money but the biggest savings will be in your time.

Another important thing is the money saved from not making mistakes.

Interior designers in India will also guide you and help you save money while selecting the materials, furniture, furnishings, fabrics, fittings and accessories or any other purchases.

But if you want the maximum benefits...

Get The Interior Designer On-board While Planning The House

Interior designer should be involved with the project from the start when preliminary designs are finalized by the architect (see Indian home design for ideas and information on design of houses in India).

His involvement during initial planning will save a lot of time, money and effort later by taking the following decisions at the right stage -

  • Have structural elements complementing the interior design scheme.
  • Have exact size and location of doors and windows.
  • Providing sufficient storage in all areas.
  • Providing electrical and plumbing points according to the interior design scheme.

Now a very important question is...

How To Select The Right Interior Designer!

You will spend your maximum time in your house. Finding a suitable interior designer for it is crucial.

Tips to hire good interior designers in India -

  • Check on the Internet
  • Get references from friends or colleagues
  • Shortlist and interview potential designers
  • Check their portfolio and see samples of their work
  • Ask for a quotation

Once you select the designer, have a contract signed with him on the project's time schedule and his professional fees.

While preparing designs the interior designer would like to know many things about you, your family and lifestyle. It will help him make the designs suiting your needs, requirements, style and personality.

Information The Interior Designer Needs From You

It can be questions like -

  • What are your likes and dislikes?
  • What look you want to give your home?
  • How the space will be used?
  • Can some structural changes be done? This could include changing windows, moving doors, enlarging rooms etc.
  • How many guests do you usually have? It will affect the room sizes, the layout of the furniture along with the types of surfaces selected.
  • Any special features to be included like sound or security systems etc.?
  • What is the total project duration in your mind?
  • What is your budget?

The next step is the preparation and presentation of preliminary designs. Designer will present a proposal consisting of sketches, drawings and computer visuals along with a preliminary budget proposal.

Once you accept the preliminary proposal, the designer will start working on final designs and drawings.

I hope this information on choosing interior designers in India will help you get the right one for your job. For information on all aspects of home and interior design, use the navigation menu on the left or go to


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