Indian Living Room Designs
Your Guide To finest Living Room Designs

Looking for Indian living room designs and ideas? Just focus on a few simple but effective concepts and you will get stunning results.

Once you understand these core concepts, you will discover how easy it is to make beautiful Indian living room designs.

Let us get started. First thing you need to get right is...

Look And Feel Of The Room

Think about the style you want for your room. The personality you want to project. The look and feel of the room.

For different living room themes and styles, go to living room ideas.

Once you select the look and feel of your room, it is time to plan the layout of the room.

For that it is important to know...

What Things To Consider While Planning!

While making Indian living room designs, focus on a few key issues. It will bring clarity and structure to your thoughts. These are -

  • The total space available - It will influence all layout decisions. If the space permits, have separate family and formal guest living room areas. It is suitable for Indian conditions. Family area needs privacy. And it needs to be close to bedrooms and kitchen.
  • How you want to use the space? - Is it a family gathering area? Or do you plan to use it for entertaining the guests?
  • Movement pattern in the room - From where are you entering the room? Where are the nearby doors opening?
  • Focal point of the room - Do you want your big screen TV to be the centerpiece of the room? Or is it a large painting where you want people's attention? Or something else.

These are just a few of the important issues.

You will get lot of such ideas and helpful information about design guidelines on the following pages -

Back from these pages? I am sure a picture is starting to emerge in your mind.

But we do not stop there. Let us figure out...

What Furniture Will Suit My Room!

When choosing furniture, keep the scale and proportions of the total space in mind.

Furniture that is too big for the space will become overpowering. It will also restrict the smooth movement of people.

The furniture that is too small will create an effect where empty space dominates the room.

Indian living room designs - furniture should blend with decor
Furniture Should Blend With Decor

Indian living room designs - soft furnishings
Soft Furnishings

Start with a good proportioned sofa. Add a few comfortable cushioned armchairs. Include a coffee table complementing these pieces.

The pages below will give you all the information about different aspects of furniture -

I know it is a lot of information. Go slowly. Pick and choose what relates to your condition.

Now let us see...

How Window Treatments Affect The Room!

Is there a large picture window with a great view outside? Make it the focal point of the room.

If the windows are small it is better not to draw too much attention on them. Treat them by choosing coverings that tend to blend in with the decor.

If the window is very small and heat and direct sunlight are not too much of a problem, you can do away with any window treatment altogether.

If there is too much sun light filtering in, go for heavy curtains with dark-colored fabrics. They have a warm, enclosing quality that makes a room feel more intimate and cozy.

Lighter and semi-translucent fabrics are less formal in feeling and create an airy, breezy look.

See living room window treatments for more ideas.

I am sure you want...

More Decorating Ideas

One way to decorate is to begin with a neutral background on different elements of the room like walls, furniture, carpet etc. Add drama by using accent colors on feature walls or having some special decorative pieces, like artwork, displayed in the strategic positions.

Decoration in Indian living room designs
Decoration Adds Interest

Using family portraits, personal and prized possessions, artwork, sculptures, vases etc. at the right places adds life to the Indian living room designs.

Do not crowd too many pieces in a small space. Give your collection plenty of room for great styling. This will ensure that each piece can be admired in the best possible way.

You can add some vibrant cushions, change lampshades, get a new artwork or throw in new rugs to give a new look and feel to the room.

For even more ideas, go to living room decorating ideas.

One final thing...

Accessories - Life Of Indian Living Room Designs

Accessories can be functional items to serve specific needs like, cushions and rugs. And then there can be larger pieces of art and sculpture to add visual interest.

Accessories in Indian living room designs

There are...

Soft Accessories - Cushions, rugs, throws and other soft accessories invite you to settle into the place. Soft furnishings and accessories add a lot of feel and warmth to the furniture.


Hard Accessories - These bring a strong sense of form to a space. These include metal, glass or ceramic accessories like mirrors, colorful vases, porcelain sculptures etc.

Changing accessories periodically can infuse a new lease of life to your living room decor in a very affordable way. They can give a special touch and feel to the Indian living room designs without much effort.

For more details, see living room accessories.

I hope these Indian living room designs and ideas will help you create a place where you are not only comfortable but proud to bring your guests.

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