Indian Kitchen Designs
Make Your Kitchen More Useful, Functional And Beautiful

It is easy to make Indian kitchen designs once you understand the basic underlying ideas. Then it is a matter of integrating your needs, requirements and priorities.

First step in the process is planning. So let us start with...

How To Plan The Kitchen!

When planning a kitchen the aim is to get the best use of the area and increase efficiency.

See how much space you have. Do you have a separate room as kitchen or an open plan integrated with living and dining areas?

When it comes to planning, divide your kitchen into different work areas. The overall distance among the three major activity zones - cooking hob, sink and freezer should be optimum. The preferred total distance of this work triangle is eight meters.

The most important work space in Indian kitchen designs lies between the hob and the sink. Have the main food preparation area there.

For maximum space utilization, different kitchen layouts are possible. These include -

  • Single Line
  • Gallery
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • Island

Which layout is most suited for Indian kitchen designs depends on many factors, such as -

  • room configuration
  • size and shape of kitchen
  • location of doors and windows
  • plumbing fixtures
  • the required storage etc.

See the following pages for more details -

Back from these pages? I am sure you have got plenty of design ideas.

Now let us talk about...

Kitchen Colors And Lighting

Kitchen colors and lighting influence the way you work there, even to the extent of having an effect on the food that you prepare.

For smaller kitchens, it is preferable to use shades of white or bright yellow. Dark tones and colors give the kitchen a rich and luxurious feel.

The colors, textures and materials for different surfaces affect the quality of light. Light colors reflect light and dark colors absorb it.

Natural light in Indian kitchen designs
Provide Maximum Natural Light

Kitchen lighting is usually of two types. Task Lighting is for cooking and working. Ambient Lighting is for general illumination.

For complete information on kitchen colors and lighting, see these pages -

Now after you have done the initial planning and made the layout, next important thing is...

Storage Cabinets - A Crucial Element For Indian Kitchen Designs

Storage is an integral part of the kitchen. Not having enough storage is less due to lack of space in the kitchen. It is a result of not planning properly, bad organization or improper design.

Plan the cabinets such that regularly used supplies and utensils are within easy reach. Keep most used objects at the prime storage space - between knee and eye level.

Storage cabinets in Indian kitchen designs
Storage Cabinets Can Add To Kitchen Decor

Many special types of cabinets and accessories are available now-a-days. These include -

  • pull-out cabinets
  • slide-out shelves
  • drawers with storage for different types of utensils
  • refrigerated drawers etc.

Add these for increased storage and ease of use.

See kitchen storage cabinets for more information.

The area below the sink is taken by the plumbing fixtures. By innovative use of the space it is possible to provide sufficient storage area there. It can have fold-out drawers, roll-out drawers and wire baskets to best utilize the space.

See kitchen sink cabinet for ideas on how to use that space efficiently.

Another very important thing you need to know is...

What Is Backsplash And What Materials To Use There!

A backsplash is the area between the countertop and bottom of overhead storage cabinets.

It is most prone to spills and splashes. Hence it should be strong, easy-to-clean and practical. Near the cooking area, it should be heat proof.

Different materials used in kitchen backsplash area are tiles, stone, metal, paint, wood, glass, synthetic etc.

See kitchen backsplash ideas for detailed information.

For the window in your kitchen, you must be thinking...

What About Window Coverings!

The kitchen is a functional area. Steam, moisture and cooking smells there will cling to any fabric present.

On the other hand, it should be a pleasant and inviting place. The curtains and blinds need to keep up with the appearances.

Hence the window treatment should be practical as well as good-looking. And it should be easy to clean and maintain.

The fabric used for the curtains and blinds should be washable. Natural fabrics like linen and cotton are good options.

Some windows might not require a covering at all. This is specially true for windows above a sink, which are constantly splashed.

Go to kitchen window coverings for more information.

Now you see how easy it is to make Indian kitchen designs.

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