Indian House Plans
Things You Should Know Before Making Your House

Many people come to me and ask about Indian house plans. They have a plot and want to make a beautiful house. When I give them ideas about floor plans or elevations, they do not know what I am talking about.

To make your dream house a reality you need to know many things. One of those is house plans. To understand Indian house plans you need to know what is included in them.

Hence, let me start by elaborating on...

What is Included In A House Plan Set?

Typical floor plan as part of Indian house plans
Floor Plan

Typical elevations as part of Indian house plans

Typical section as part of Indian house plans

3D views as part of Indian house plans
3D Views

  1. Site Plan - It is a drawing which shows the location and layout of the house on the plot. It shows entry to the house, connection from the access road, the siting of house relative to the nearby structures etc.
  2. Floor plans - A floor plan shows the house layout of the particular floor from the top looking down. It shows the location and sizes of all rooms on that floor. It will also show the doors, windows, staircases, any built-in features like wardrobes etc.
  3. Building Elevations - External elevations will show the look of the house from all sides when finished. It will also show materials and finishes used on the external walls. Interior elevations will show internal walls with finishes, the location and sizes of doors and windows, wardrobes, decorative features etc.
  4. Building Sections - A section shows a slice of the house as if it is cut vertically at that point from roof to foundation. It shows changes in floor height and the relationship of one level to another. It will also show interior details like wall treatments, staircase details, built-in features etc.
  5. Structural Drawings - This is a set of drawings showing the technical details of various structural elements of a house. These include foundations, beams, columns, floor slabs, staircase details etc.
  6. Working Details for areas and elements like,
    • Kitchen - It shows the layout and various elevations of the kitchen, the cabinet location and sizes, sink, refrigerator etc.
    • Bathrooms - It shows the layout and various elevations of different bathrooms.
    • Doors and windows - All the relevant details like their location, sizes, heights, materials from which they are made etc. are covered in these drawings.
    • Staircases - It shows the size of the staircase and its various aspects like height of the riser, width of the tread, landing size.
    • Decorative features etc.
  7. Services Drawings including,
    • Plumbing - These drawings show the network and connection of various plumbing lines like water supply, drainage, sewer etc. The location, heights and other details of faucets, water closets, showers and other plumbing fixtures are depicted.
    • Electrical - These drawings show the location of switches, lighting fixtures, outlets, distribution boards etc.
    • Mechanical - These drawings will show different mechanical item details like air-conditioning, water heaters, pumps etc.
  8. Materials and Finishes - These are not drawings but documents called technical specifications. These include the details and specifications of all the materials and finishes to be used in construction. It also includes quality control guidelines for compliance of the house plans.
  9. Carpentry works - All the details of carpentry works like wardrobes, cabinets, doors and windows etc. are depicted in these drawings.
  10. 3D View - While the plans and drawings are primarily for planning and construction, 3D views of external and internal areas will help you visualize the house from different angles.

Things To Look For In Indian House Plans

  • Natural Light and Ventilation - One of the most crucial aspects to note while finalizing Indian house plans. All areas should be properly lit and ventilated.
  • Separate Family and Living Rooms - Usually, to save space, the two areas are combined in Indian house plans. It creates privacy problems for the family when the guests come. Have a separate informal family area and a formal living room to entertain guests.
  • Spacious Kitchen - Kitchen is an integral part of any house. Indian cooking being very elaborate needs lot of room. Ensure the kitchen is quite spacious. And it is well ventilated.
  • Decent Size Bathrooms - People are normally stingy when it comes to providing space for bathrooms. It feels a waste of space to them. It is not. A good bathroom gives a great start to your day. And it makes your home feel luxurious.
  • Guest Rooms - Indians have extended families and lot of guests. Now and then we have someone or the other visiting us. Make sure there is a room where your guests can stay.
  • Adequate Storage - We always keep more things than we need. I see storage problems in most of the houses. It makes the house messy. Avoid that. Plan for more storage than seems enough.

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Some Ideas To Make Indian House Plans More Effective

  • Discuss the needs, requirements and desires of each family member.
  • Get inputs from friends and relatives, specially who have made a house recently.
  • Get your priorities clear and list down everything you want included in the plans.
  • Work in close coordination with your architect, from start to finish. More so in the planning stage when all the major decisions are being made.
  • Trust him and leave the things in his hands when you are not sure what you want.

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Every family has its unique way of living. Ensure that everything you want is integrated in the house plans. Spending required time in the beginning will give you huge benefits in the long run.

I hope this information on Indian house plans will help you streamline your ideas. You will find lot more information on all aspects of home and interior design on this website. Use the navigation menu on the left or go to


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