Indian Bedroom Designs
Make your bedroom a stylish retreat of comfort

Are you looking for Indian bedroom designs and ideas? Follow these simple guidelines to remove the confusion and get best results.

A bedroom is a place for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. The design should help create an environment which is calm and soothing. To ensure that take care of a few essential things, explained below.

Let us start with...

Important Things To Consider While Planning

First thing when making Indian bedroom designs is to prepare a layout. For that, you need to think about -

  • where will the bed be placed
  • where is the wardrobe location
  • where will you keep the dresser
  • which is the best place for placing the TV

The layout will depend on -

  • the size and shape of the room
  • the location of doors and windows
  • any structural elements like walls, columns etc.

Colors bring intensity to Indian bedroom designs
Colors Bring Intensity To Bedroom

See Indian interior design.

After considering all these things, locate the best position for the bed. It should be against a solid wall. There should be enough space on both sides (at least two feet) to get on and off the bed comfortably.

The rest of the furniture pieces can be positioned as per the space available. Plan enough space around the wardrobe, the dresser and the chest of drawers. Ensure that these are easily accessible and usable.

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What Furniture To Use Besides Bed!

The bedroom furniture includes everything from the bed, dresser, chest of drawers to the storage furniture.

Seating in Indian bedroom designs
Provide Seating If Space Permits

If you have sufficient space, it is desirable to have some comfortable seating in your bedroom. It could be in the form of a sofa, settee or just a single relaxing chair near the window.

The furniture should be selected in accordance with the overall decor of the room. The material, color, texture and pattern on the furniture should harmonize with different decor elements.

The shape and size of the chosen furniture should be in proportion to the size and volume of the room.

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Moving on, in a private place like bedroom, you must be wondering...

How To Treat The Windows!

Privacy is a major concern in Indian bedroom designs. A two-layered treatment, such as sheers combined with a blackout curtain, is very effective in bedrooms.

Use these window treatment ideas for your bedroom -

  • If the bedroom is smaller in size, use a plain light-colored fabric.
  • Use heavy, tightly woven fabrics to block natural light completely. Or use special blackout clothes.
  • The curtain or blind should be big enough to overlap the edges of the window frame.
  • If the ceiling is low, using floor length curtains will make it appear higher.
  • While choosing fabric for the curtains, harmonize with other soft furnishing elements like bedding sets.

You will find many more ideas when visiting bedroom window treatments.

I know the question on your mind now is...

How Do I Decorate My Bedroom!

Here is where all the objects collected by you over the years will come in.

Unlike the living room, here you do not have to worry about the visitors. You can indulge in your taste without any inhibitions.

Decorative objects like painting add to Indian bedroom designs
Artwork Adds To The Decor

Soft furnishings in Indian bedroom designs
Soft Furnishings

See Home Decor India.

Some of the interesting objects adding to the Indian bedroom designs are -

  • Table lamps
  • Sculptural vases with colorful fresh flowers
  • candle holders
  • Potted plants
  • Picture or a piece of artwork on the wall behind the bed.

By changing soft furnishings you can easily (and cheaply) change the decor of the room. New pillows, cushions and bed sets add color, texture and pattern to the bedroom.

To get more such ideas, go to master bedroom decorating ideas.

Lastly, the decor will not make much impact if the things are scattered all over. Indian bedroom designs need a lot of storage to keep the room organized.

Hence it is important to...

Plan For More Storage Than You Need

Organized storage keeps the bedroom clean, healthy and clutter-free.

Sort out different items in terms of their storage requirements like - hanging, drawers and shelf-space. Check-out the total requirement for each type of storage and then allocate the necessary areas accordingly.

Storage in a bedroom can be of many types -

  • Wardrobes
  • Chest Of Drawers
  • Wall Units
  • Open Shelves
  • Under-bed Storage

Visit bedroom storage ideas, for detailed information on this topic.

I hope this information on Indian bedroom designs will help you streamline your ideas. You will find lot more information on all aspects of home and interior design on this website. Use the navigation menu on the left or go to


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