House Designs In India
Simple Guidelines For Amazing House Designs

I often see people looking at pictures of beautiful house designs in India and wondering how they can plan such a house. They look through more pictures and feel more helpless.

But it need not be that way. You can go a long way in fulfilling your desire by knowing a few simple things. The guidelines explained below will cut through the confusion and give you a lot of clarity.

Let us start with it right away...

List of Requirements

This seems very obvious but in majority of the cases it is not done.

Make a list of all the requirements you can think, starting from the most obvious, like living room, bedrooms, kitchen to not so obvious like a space for storing the winter clothes or a corner where your child can draw on the walls to her heart's content.

See the following pages for more information and clarity of ideas -

Remember clarity in mind is clarity in design.

Start From The Heart

Family life is central to Indian lifestyle. House designs in India should reflect that aspect. Family room is the heart of the house. It is where you will spend most of your time while in the house.

Make it the central feature of the house. Start your planning from it and let all other rooms and spaces revolve around it.

If possible, connect it to an outdoor garden, landscaped courtyard or a large terrace.

Hierarchy Of spaces

house designs in India - connection between indoor and outdoor
Connection Between Indoor and Outdoor

House designs in India should adapt to the way of life here. It should be such that the public spaces like living room and kitchen are in the front of the house. More private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms should be in the rear side.

Main entrance should not open directly in the living or family room. There should be a lobby or a vestibule connecting the main entrance and the living room.

The entry to the bedrooms should be through the family area and not through the formal living room.

Clear Circulation

The rooms should be planned in a way that you do not encroach on one space to go to another space. For example, the doors of bedrooms should not open right in the center of family area.

There should be clear-cut lines of movement segregated from areas of use in all the spaces.

Natural Light And Ventilation

natural light is a must for house designs in India
Ensure Natural Light In All Corners

Plan for sufficient natural light and ventilation for all rooms. This will ensure healthy environment in your house forever. It will also make the rooms more cheerful and livable.

There should be windows on two opposite walls of each room for cross-ventilation. Considering the climate it is a must for house designs in India.

Make sure that there is enough ventilation in kitchen and bathrooms.

Strategic Positioning Of Openings

large openings for house designs in India
Large Openings To Connect with Outdoors

The size and location of windows in different areas should be such that they catch the best views possible from that space. It can be as subdued as the branches of a tree just outside the room or unhindered view of a lake some distance away.

Windows and doors are the connecting links between indoors and outdoors.

The positioning of external doors should also be such that they make the connection between inside and outside more compatible and interesting.

Plan For Services

It is highly advisable to plan for different service like plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning beforehand. Otherwise it will be a lot of modifications and compromises later on.

To plan for services in advance you need a furniture layout of each area. Once you have that you can finalize the position of electrical and air-conditioning lines and points.

Kitchen and bathroom layouts need to be planned as well to finalize the plumbing and electrical lines.

Make the following layouts for planning different services -

  • Bedroom - Position of bed and TV (see bedroom design ideas)
  • Living Room - Furniture layout with TV (see living room designs)
  • Family Room - Furniture layout with TV
  • Kitchen - Cooking, washing and storage areas including refrigerator (see kitchen design ideas)
  • Bathroom - Washbasin, wc (toilet seat) and shower area

Sufficient Storage

storage options for house designs in India
Provide Sufficient Storage in All Rooms

This is one of the things not usually taken care of at the initial stage. Include it in your designs and you will have lot less headache later on.

Plan for enough storage to meet your different needs. Ensure that every room has sufficient storage as per the usage of that room and your needs and requirements.

Hire An Architect

An architect will provide you with a huge value for money. You will realize this as you move along on your house project. His professional expertise in planning and house designs in India, visualizing spaces, technical details, construction methodology, services coordination etc. will give you great benefits.

Work with your architect on all the listed issues in detail. With his help you can make the house of your dreams a reality.

This is a brief guide about house designs in India. If you want to know anything in detail or would like to hire me to design your house, contact me.

We do very limited houses at a time as we want to do justice to each one without compromising on any details. We like to work for people who are passionate about making a dream house for themselves.

If you are really interested in making a house which will fulfill your long cherished dreams and are eager to make it a reality, do

contact me.

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