Home Decor India

A World Of Vibrant Colors, Rich Textures And Sensuous Designs

The hallmark of home decor India are intricate designs, eye-catching patterns, beautiful fabrics and rich accessories. Whether it is embroidered bedding, handmade quilts, tapestry wall hangings or countless other traditional elements.

Colorful accents, elaborate wooden details, fabrics and textiles full of vivid imagery are the core elements of the Indian style of decorating.

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Let us explore this beautiful world of home decor India by starting with...

Some Ideas For Walls And Flooring

For a bold effect use rich colors like red, green, gold or turquoise on the walls.

To keep it subtle, choose a warm neutral color on three walls of the room and the ceiling. Apply the bold color on the fourth wall.

To decorate your floors in the typical Indian style, drape a rug on them. Choose rugs having different colors and intricate patterns.

The design and color of the rug should complement the wall colors.

Talking of colors...

Use Of Colors In Indian Home Decor

Warm and rich colors are key in Indian decor. Red, purple, magenta and wine tones show up on everything from furniture finishes to carpets.

Red color is used in various shades and tones in Indian decor. It is a very sensuous color. You may use this color in your bedroom. Have red colored pillows or a red bed sheet.

Paint your walls in vibrant shades of red, yellow or even purple. Or you can keep your walls neutral and add color as furnishings and accessories.

See home color schemes for more ideas on use of colors in home decor.

Next let us talk about...

What Furniture To Use!

Traditional Indian furniture has a rich history. It is usually made of teak, rosewood, ebony or mango wood.

Teak is very durable. Rosewood is used to create low-profile furniture like coffee tables.

For an ethnic Indian touch, have the furniture with fascinating details such as -

  • panel insets with paintings
  • enamel designs
  • elaborate carving
  • bold color contrasts
  • mirrored panels
  • medium-to-dark stains

Intricately carved furniture in home decor India
Intricately Carved Furniture

Some accent furniture pieces that add interest to the decor are -

  • hand-carved chests
  • nesting-tables
  • canopy beds
  • folding screens etc.

Carved wooden folding screens provide privacy while allowing the breeze to flow through the room.

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Talking about furniture, one thing we cannot forget is soft furnishings and...

Fabrics - The Essence Of Home Decor India

Use a lot of fabric with Indian prints as curtains, throw pillows, bedspreads, wall hangings and tapestries. These come in a variety of colors like indigo blue, saffron, purple and dark green.

Block printed fabrics in home decor India
Block Printed Indian Fabrics

For a vibrant, colorful look use shades of bright pinks, reds, yellows, oranges or turquoise. Combine them with elegant ivory color or wooden furniture.

For a minimalist and muted look use whites and shades of gold.

Use soft fabrics such as silks and chiffon in bright colors such as magenta, lime and turquoise. Combine these with gold and silver tassels.

Use decorations of beads and embroidery on pillows, curtains and other fabrics made of cotton or silk.

In home decor India another important element is...

Artifacts And Accessories - Bring Life To The Space

Use of artifacts in home decor India
Artifacts Add Life To The Decor

Swing or jhoola in home decor India
Swing Or Jhoola

They add richness, depth and character to the decor. Adorn your home with these by using -

  • Vases, pots and bowls made out of copper, gold and colored glass.
  • Dark wood to frame any artwork or mirrors.
  • Carved lanterns holding candles.
  • Accessories in muted gold, bronze and silver.
  • Textiles featuring beading, fringe or small mirrors of contrasting fabric.
  • Elaborate metal frames around mirrors, paintings and photographs.
  • Indoor swing or jhoola.
  • Plants with banana leaves, tall palms, ferns and exotic flowers arrangements.

  • Small bronze sculptures, vases and wood-carved mirror frames.
  • Buddha statues.

See living room accessories for more ideas.

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