Green Home Plans

At the heart of making green home plans is the philosophy of designing a home that is in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the site. There are several key steps in designing green homes which include -

  • specify 'green' building materials from local sources
  • reduce loads
  • optimize systems
  • generate on-site renewable energy

Green homes are environmentally friendly houses that are built or remodeled to conserve energy and water, improve indoor air quality, use sustainable, recycled or used materials and produce less waste in the process.

Homes, like humans, need three basic elements of nature - sun, wind and water to thrive. It is the method of harnessing these that separates sustainable green eco homes from one that uses enormous amounts of energy.

If you have chosen right materials to build your home, you can focus on ensuring that systems used in the home are compliant.

Apart from materials used, green homes are so called because they draw on natural resources for sustenance.

Efficient use of energy is a key component of green homes. Well-made green homes incorporate energy efficient windows having large openings to allow natural light and ventilation. These have enormous energy costs savings by providing a natural way to light one's home and cool the interiors.

Green homes bring together practices and techniques to eliminate their impact on the environment. At the core of these techniques is the use of renewable energy sources like sunlight through passive solar, active solar and photo-voltaic means, plants and trees through green roofs, indoor plants, rain gardens and rainwater run-off.

Green roofs are an important part of designs incorporating green home plans. A green roof can be made as a combination of insulation, ventilation and sarking. It helps to keep a house cool in summer and warm in winter.

The fundamental principles which guide the layout of green home plans are -

  • Siting and Structure Design Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency (see energy efficient homes)
  • Water Efficiency
  • Materials Efficiency
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Enhancement
  • Operations and Maintenance Optimization
  • Waste and Toxic Reduction

The green homes have a lot of advantages and benefits as compared to conventional homes. The immediate benefit is in the reduction in water usage and operating energy costs from the first day itself. The benefits include -

  • Energy savings : 20-30 %
  • Water savings : 30-50%
  • Enhanced air quality
  • Excellent day lighting
  • Health & wellbeing of the occupants
  • Conservation of scarce natural resources
  • Increased value of the home

The essence of green home plans lies in the optimization of the guidelines and principles outlined above.

These homes are not only better for the environment, you and your family, they save money over the life of the home. So think green, live green and make this

planet green.

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