Girls Bedroom Ideas

A girl's bedroom is her most private sanctuary. Girls bedroom ideas should reflect her style and personality becoming an extension of herself. They should not only make her love the place but inspire and motivate her.

When decorating a girl's bedroom several factors have to be considered. These include her age, her activities, interests, likes and dislikes etc. Discuss each idea with her before committing to anything.

Following is a list of different items that you can focus on as part of the decoration with various girls bedroom ideas -


The bed is the focus of the room. Have it adorned with layers of pretty floral covers, quilts and lacy pillows.

For that extra touch, surround the bed with colored and crystal-trimmed sheer drapes or panels hung from the poles attached to the ceiling with hooks and ribbons.

A nice and practical option is a low platform bed. It provides lots of storage space and allows for easy cleaning.


Colors bring to life the most fanciful of girls bedroom ideas. Have fun with colors. But use a little caution too.

Do not cover the entire room in her favorite color. Instead have it as an accent color on a wall. Or you can have a few selected decorative pieces or accessories in that color in a back-drop of white walls and furniture.

Use accents to enrich the vibrant bedroom color schemes that you plan to use. Have decorative pillows, rugs, bed throws, pictures frames, bookshelves etc. as accents against the primary colors.

You can also use painting stripes, polka dots, clouds or a mural on one wall to give a character to the room.


The furniture, apart from the bed, includes closets, side tables, dressing table and mirror, table and chair for working. These should be all coordinated to harmonize with the overall decor.

Have bean bag chairs or comfy stools to provide a fun space for reading.

A dresser with plenty of drawer space having a mirror, focus light and a stool to sit on, is an important feature of a girl's room. Along with this a wardrobe to store all the clothes and personal items is a must.


To have a well coordinated decor, match the bedroom accessories with the bedding, walls and window treatments, furniture, furnishings and fabrics.

Quirky picture frames and flower shaped photo holders having pictures of the girl, the family and friends personalize the overall decor and add a stylish touch to it. You can mount photographs together within large frames and create a gallery space on one wall.

Mirrors are a must in a girl's room. Have a pretty feminine mirror above the dresser or adorning a wall of the bedroom, where she can use it often.

Use solid colors for the curtains. Have sheer or semi-sheer curtains in the room to allow diffused natural light to filter in.

You can store and show off pretty shoes on low open shelves.


The lighting in the room should be soft and feminine. It should enhance the overall girly decor of the room. Simultaneously ensure that well placed and proper illumination is there in the room.

You can have a nice mini chandelier with floral accents or wall brackets with crystal drops.

Some of the other interesting girls bedroom ideas for lighting are -

  • Hand decorated lamp-shades
  • Scented candles in lanterns and colored glass holders
  • Strings of rope lights around the wall or canopy of the bed
  • LED mini lights hung behind sheer or lace curtain
  • Themed pendants to suit your personality
  • Colorful wall lamps

There are so many girls bedroom ideas but it is important to discuss these with your girl and get her thoughts before starting the works. This will ensure a final product which she will love.

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