Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

The main aim of feng shui is to create an environment filled with positive energy. Feng shui bedroom tips described in this article will help you achieve that and make your room a haven for rest and recuperation.

By using the age-old principles of feng shui we strive to create dwellings which are conducive to attaining health, wealth and happiness. The use of feng shui in the built environment improves the quality of life bringing peace, harmony and alignment with the natural world.

Mentioned below are a few feng shui bedroom tips to balance the flow of energy in the room and bring about joy, relaxation and happiness while using the bedroom -

Soft Colors

The colors that are too dark like black, dark blue or purple are very Yin. They are devoid of energy. They will help you go to sleep. But waking up will be a difficult task.

Bright colors like yellow, red and orange, on the other hand, are Yang colors. They are full of energy. It will be difficult to go to sleep in such a room.

Even having the walls all white is very bright and not very suitable.

The best option is to go for earthy tones in pastel shades and soft colors like beige, cream, peach etc. Have bedroom color schemes that are calm and soothing. It helps shape an environment which is just right for a bedroom.

Uncluttered Room

This is one of the most important feng shui bedroom tips. Clutter can block the flow of Chi. The best way to have the positive energy flowing through your room is to unclutter it completely.

The closets and wardrobes should be tidy and organized. It will create a sense of peace and calm in the room. Use bedroom closet organizers for increasing the storage space and making the closets cleaner, tidy and organized.

Do not store anything under the bed.

Have proper air circulation and ventilation in the room. This will ensure smooth flow of energy in the room.

Keep all the closet and attached bathroom doors closed at night.

Bed Position

The bed should be positioned in a way that the head is against a solid wall. You should have full view of windows and the room entrance while lying on the bed. But the door should not be in straight alignment with your head and feet when sleeping. It creates negative energy.

The bed should be easily approachable from both sides.

Do not position the bed below the exposed structural or decorative beams, if any.

Do not give any storage or cabinets above the head position.

A good mattress is very important for creating harmonious feng shui energy.


Another one of the important feng shui bedroom tips is not to have any electronic appliances, specially TV, in the room.Bedroom is primarily a space for resting and sleeping. Having a TV or a computer in the room creates a kind of energy which is opposite to that required for restful sleep.

If you want to keep the TV in the room, keep it hidden in cabinets, when not in use, to minimize its negative impact.

Any type of electronic appliances are ideally not suitable for bedroom. These emit radiation which create hindrance to sound sleep.

Do not keep mobile phones near your head while sleeping.

The electrical sockets should be at least two meters away from your head while lying on the bed.


Have the shape, size and volume of the furniture proportional to the the overall size of the room. Having too many furniture pieces in the room can block the smooth flow of energy.

Avoid having any sharp corners in your furniture. Sharp edges are not only a practical hazard in the room but generate negative energy.

Avoid Mirrors

It is best to avoid mirrors in the bedroom altogether. If used, they should be located very carefully in the room. They reflect energy, whether good or bad, in the room or outside the door. Reflected light and energy will interfere with your sleep.

Make sure that the mirror, if used, is located such that you do not see your reflected self while lying on the bed.

Use these feng shui bedroom tips for a healthy, harmonious and vibrant environment in your room. They will not only give you peaceful and sound sleep but fill your life with positive energy.

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