Best Refrigerators
Everything You Should Know Before Buying

To get the best refrigerators that complement your lifestyle and give you maximum value for money, you should be aware of a few important things related to them.

There are lot of refrigerators available now-a-days with unique styles and catchy designs. With so much choice available, it becomes difficult to decide which one to buy.

Learn here about different refrigerator types, features and options to make the right choice for you.

To start with, let us look into...

What Are Different Types And Styles of Refrigerators!

The biggest choice you will have to make when shopping for best refrigerators is which configuration to get:

Best refrigerators - different types
Different Types of Refrigerators

Top Freezer

  • Familiar design
  • Lower price than more feature-rich styles
  • Among the least flexible configurations (along with bottom-freezer)
  • Items in back of freezer may be difficult to reach for children and shorter adults
  • Requires wide, deep space to allow doors to swing fully open

Bottom Freezer

  • Economically priced
  • Offers easier access to fresh foods than with a top-freezer refrigerator
  • Among the least flexible configurations (along with top-freezer)
  • Access to frozen foods may be less convenient than with top-freezer models
  • Requires wide, deep space to allow doors to swing fully open


  • Convenient access to both fresh and frozen foods
  • Abundant freezer capacity
  • Ideal for narrow or galley-style kitchens because less space is required for door swing than with full-width-door models
  • Narrower refrigerator compartment may not easily accommodate large platters
  • Less overall fresh-food space than top- and bottom-freezer designs
  • Pricier than top and bottom-freezer models

French Door

  • Elegant aesthetic and functional design
  • Highly versatile to hold efficiently a wide variety of different types of foods
  • Narrow refrigerator doors allow more flexible installation
  • Advanced 4-door models deliver variable cooling zones for best food freshness
  • Expensive

Choosing the right configuration will depend on how much room there is for the doors to swing open and how you use your fridge.

Choose Bottom Mount or French Door if you tend to use your fridge’s fresh food compartment more than the freezer.

Or consider a Side by Side model if you need something that occupies minimal space with its doors open.

It is important to note that for commercial purposes, it is always better to go for commercial grade refrigerators. Residential equipment will not meet the required health and safety codes. For more information on refrigerators for commercial purposes visit here.

Moving on, you need to compare features and benefits of different models available when buying a refrigerator.

Therefore it is important to take note of...

Unique Features Of New Refrigerators

  • Frost-free operation
  • Dual-Compressor System
    It forces air directly (and separately) into the refrigerator and freezer compartment. This way food is preserved substantially longer than an one-compressor system because the food’s natural internal moisture is better retained.
  • No-Clean Condensers
    It uses a fan to eliminate heat-trapping dust particles and eliminate the need to clean the dust from under the refrigerator.
  • Humidity Control
    Moisture and humidity controls maximize food preservation. Humidity crisper drawers have a baffle switch that retains moisture to the desired level.
  • Tempered glass shelves with spill-proof edges
    They are designed to keep leaky beverage containers from spilling liquids down inside the refrigerator.
  • Deli Drawer
    A deli drawer has a switch that allows cool air to flow into it - providing a slightly lower temperature to better preserve meats and cheese.
  • Gallon Door Bins
    Milk and juices can be stored in the door freeing up shelf space.
  • Chilling Drawer
    A chilling drawer brings air directly from the freezer into the compartment.
  • Electronic/Digital Controls
    The temperature can be set numerically.
  • Flat Back
    The cooling coils are on the bottom of the refrigerator, instead of backside, making it possible to flush the refrigerator with a wall.

Another important thing to be considered, when buying, is the capacity of the refrigerator.

What Capacity Is Sufficient For Your Needs!

Excluding freezer, total refrigerator capacity of 8-10 cu. ft. is sufficient for a household with two adults. Add another 1.5 cu. ft. for each additional family member.

How much capacity you actually need will vary depending on how often you eat at home and what kinds of foods you typically store.

If you like to cook big meals and refrigerate much leftovers, you will probably want more refrigerator capacity (having wider and more flexible shelving).

If your household diet consists mostly of prepared microwave meals, more freezer capacity will be a priority.

Total capacity range of different configuration of best refrigerators are:

  • Top freezer - 14 to 22 cu. ft.
  • Bottom freezer - 19 to 25 cu. ft.
  • French door - 22 to 25 cu. ft.
  • Side-by-side - 22 to 30 cu. ft.

There are a lot of models available now-a-days with ice and water dispensers. They look sleek and offer convenient way of water and ice dispensing without opening the refrigerator.

So the question is...

Whether To Buy A Refrigerator With Ice And Water Dispensers!

Water and ice dispenser in best refrigerators

It is available in most side-by-side and a growing number of other types of best refrigerators.

In order for an ice-maker or water dispenser to work, a ¼” waterline connected to the refrigerator is required.

But keep in mind that usually best refrigerators with water and ice dispensers require considerably more repairs than those without dispensers.

Overall cost and energy use also increase while inside space is reduced.

With all this information, now that you are ready to buy the refrigerator of your choice, you need to know...

How Much Should You Expect To Pay!

How much to pay for best refrigerators

The primary factor determining the price of best refrigerators is their configuration.

  • Top freezer configuration - start at $300.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators - start at $800.
  • Single door bottom freezers - start at $700.
  • French door refrigerators - start at $1200.
  • Counter Depth (full size), available primarily in side-by-side and french door styles - start at $2000.
  • Premium built-in refrigerator, such as Liebherr, Miele, and Sub-Zero - have an entry price of $3700.

Be cautious while opting for extended warranty. Having it can sometimes save you repair costs down the line. In most circumstances though, it is a waste of money.

I hope you found this guide helpful and will use it to select best refrigerators and you will have something you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

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