Bedroom Window Treatments

Primarily, the bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation. The main aim of bedroom window treatments should be to help create an environment conducive for that purpose. The type and style of window treatment will go a long way in creating the ambience in the room.

Bedrooms often double up as dressing rooms, home offices, rooms for quiet reading besides being used for sleeping and relaxing. Bedroom window treatments should also accommodate these varying needs easily.

Privacy is a major concern in bedrooms. A layered treatment, such as sheers teamed with a blackout blind or curtain, is especially effective in a bedroom. It accommodates several different levels of privacy and light exclusion.

To block natural light completely use heavy, tightly woven fabrics, line and interline lighter ones. Or, you can use special blackout clothes (which are not necessarily black). Please make sure that the curtain or blind is big enough to overlap the edges of the window frame.

Avoid using too frilly or feminine fabrics and curtain styles, if the bedroom is also being used as a home office. These are not very conducive to a work environment. A more balanced approach, between the ambience required for the resting purpose and stark needs of the work environment, should be taken.

If the bedroom is smaller in size, use a plain or subtly patterned, light-colored fabric, to enhance the sense of space. If the ceiling is low, using floor-length curtains will make it appear higher.

While choosing the fabric for the window dressing, harmonize with the other soft furnishing elements like bedding sets to get a coordinated look.

When selecting bedroom window treatments for children's room, it is important to note that their tastes change very rapidly as they grow up. Hence be cautious while choosing fabrics featuring nursery prints or cartoon characters. These might fall out of favor of your child in the near future.

Simple patterned fabrics like checks, stripes and spots in primary colors would be a safer option if you do not want to change the scheme on a regular basis.

For younger children and babies, establishing a bedtime routine will require restricting daylight for afternoon naps. Hence blackout curtains become very important there. If you are using light colored curtain fabric consider using special blackout lining. Or, light colored curtains can be teamed with blackout blinds.

These ideas on bedroom window treatments are simple but effective. They can help you create the right ambience and environment in your bedroom.

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