Bedroom Storage Ideas

Storage is a basic necessity in a bedroom. Here are some bedroom storage ideas to make your room clean and clutter-free by making best use of the available space in the room.

Careful planning is required for arranging bedroom storage needs. You need to sort out different items in terms of their storage requirements like - hanging, drawers and shelf-space. Check-out the total requirement for each type of storage and then allocate the necessary areas accordingly.

You have to consider the shape and size of the storage units and the space allotted to them in the room. If the room is not big enough, a balance has to be reached between the storage required and the space available in the room.

The color, style and finishes on the storage units should be chosen to match the bedroom color schemes and complementing the overall decor of the room.

Arrange the things in the storage units in the order of their usage. The things to be used very often should occupy the most accessible spots, usually between eye and knee level. The things to be used rarely should be tucked away in the remote shelves.

These are the commonly used furniture items to take care of most of your storage needs in a bedroom. Various combinations of these will provide you with many different bedroom storage ideas and options.


The wardrobes are the starting point of all bedroom storage ideas. They are built in many different sizes depending on several factors such as - storage requirements, room shape, size and orientation etc.

Wardrobes can be either freestanding or built-in with the wall, also called fitted wardrobes.

Advantages of freestanding wardrobes

  • These are cheaper as compared to fitted wardrobes.
  • They do not need any time to get them made.
  • They are flexible pieces easily adapting to your changing needs.
  • You can take these with you if you move to different house.

  • It is difficult to match these exactly as per the room's decor.
  • These will not give you the maximum use of space in the room.

Fitted wardrobes, though expensive than the freestanding bought-out ones, give you the opportunity to have them tailor made as per your needs, the shape of the room and its decor style. These also enhance the overall value of the house.

Freestanding wardrobes can sometimes be used to divide a large bedroom in sleeping and sitting areas.

Recommended depth for a wardrobe is two feet. If it is less than this you will have the difficulty hanging clothes. The height can vary from seven feet to preferably up to the ceiling of the room. For long coats and dresses you need a hanging section with height of at least five feet.

Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers apart from being one of the most stylish and elegant bedroom storage ideas, will help you maximize the storage space in the bedroom. It will complete the look of your bedroom.

You can get a range of high quality chest of drawers from classical pieces with antique designs to modern designs which have self-closing runners and automatic locks.

A chest of drawers with different sized drawers is most effective. It can accommodate different types of items with ease. You can store children's toys, books and DVDs in a large trunk drawer at the base to clothing items, garments, bedding sets etc. in the center and expensive, prized possessions in a lockable drawer higher up.

While choosing the chest of drawers coordinate its look and style with the other furniture in the room, specially the bed and the dresser. In fact try get a bedroom set with all these items together. See king size bedroom sets for more information on bedroom sets.

Having the chest of drawers on castors adds ease and flexibility to it being shifted as per your changing needs and decor of the room.

Wall Units

The wall units are multi-faceted storage areas. These will help to expand storage in the room by arranging and accommodating many things within it.

The wall units can have shelves, drawers, racks or open platforms for keeping the TV, music system or any other paraphernalia.

These can be used as book shelves, magazine racks, display places for decorative items and personal memorabilia. The entertainment center with TV, DVD player and the related equipment, can be housed in a wall unit very effectively.

Outline your requirements and the things you want to use the wall units for before purchasing them or getting them built.

When selecting wall units ensure that it blends in with the other furniture in the bedroom along with matching look, style and overall decor of the room. Also check out the size of the unit. Make sure that it is proportionate to the size of the room and does not look too big.

Open Shelves

The open shelves are versatile and you can create lot of bedroom storage ideas with these. These will give you so much flexibility in accommodating many things, specially the ones which you would like to display like books, music CDs, decorative items, pictures and portraits etc.

Have shelves of various sizes and depths for different types of items. But whatever the use, choose the same style of shelves throughout for an unified look.

Coordinate the look and style of shelves with the overall decor of the room.

Ensure not to overcrowd the shelves and keep them clean and tidy always.

Under-Bed Storage

It should be the last place in your list of bedroom storage ideas, when all other options have been exhausted. Apart from difficulty in using it, as per feng shui, the space below the bed should not be used for any type of storage. It blocks the smooth flow of energy. See feng shui bedroom tips for more details.

But if the room is small and the space is really an issue, you can have a bed with built-in storage. It will help you free up so much floor space in the room otherwise being used for other storage items.

A lift-up bed can be used where the entire base is raised via a hydraulic system. It is like a cupboard laid horizontally. You can store a lot of the stuff there that you do not use very often like spare bed sets, out of season blankets and quilts etc.

Under-bed baskets and large drawers on castors are easier to use than the lift-up bed though the effective storage area reduces.

These bedroom storage ideas will help you achieve an organized space and a harmonious environment in your room necessary for relaxing and sleeping.

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