Bedroom Furniture Design

Bedroom furniture design should be done keeping in mind the style, comfort and relaxation factors. Furniture chosen should be such that it naturally fits into the room without feeling overcrowded, fulfilling all your needs and giving you all the comforts that you desire out of it.

Before going ahead with the bedroom furniture design, it is ideal to define what exactly you want out of the room. Then identify what all furniture pieces will meet those requirements and can easily fit in the space available.

The shape and size of the chosen furniture should be in proportion to the size and volume of the room.

There should be uniformity in the style of different furniture pieces chosen for a bedroom. And they should be in harmony with the overall design and decor of the room.

See king size bedroom sets for more ideas and details on bedroom furniture.

Following are the different furniture elements which together will give shape to the bedroom furniture design -


A bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom style. It should be chosen keeping in mind your priorities. For example, it is the look and the style that you are after. Or you may want a really huge bed for your luxury and comfort. Or it is the storage in the bed that is the main priority.

The type of bed will govern the bedroom furniture design and decoration long after you have grown tired of it. So be a little careful while finalizing the style of bed. Whether it is a traditional four-poster bed, one with modern wooden bed frames, bed frames of tubular steel or an antique bed will entirely depend on these factors -

  • the theme and decor of the room
  • your personal taste
  • budget considerations
  • space constraints

Whatever the style, it will set the tone for the whole room. And it will dominate the look and feel of the room, because ultimately it is a bed room.


One third of your life is spent in the bed. It is the mattress that takes most of the brunt. Choose it carefully. Spend time in the shop lying on it in the sleeping and reading positions.

The support in a mattress is very important. The requirement for support will differ depending on the weight and build of the person using it. Ensure that you get the proper body support and comfort levels when selecting the mattress.

Turn your mattress around every six months and replace it every ten years.


Having a dresser with mirror, that doubles as a vanity, adds to the style quotient of the room besides fulfilling the need for dressing up.

Dressers are perfect for adding extra storage space to the room in an elegant way. The personal items and accessories can easily be tucked away into the dresser.

Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a type of furniture item which is very functional and looks quite classy. To increase its effectiveness have it with different sized drawers to accommodate different types of items with ease. It helps maximize the storage in the bedroom without giving a feel of bulky furniture.

Match the style and look of the chest of drawers with the other furniture pieces in the room for best effect. Have well-coordinated bedroom furniture design with complementing pieces and harmonize them with bedroom color schemes and decor.


If you have sufficient space, it is desirable to have some comfortable seating in your bedroom. It could be in the form of a sofa, settee or just a single relaxing chair near the window. They will provide you with an alternate place to sit while watching TV, talking or quietly reading a book.

Seating adds a kind of luxurious look and feel to the room. It will add variety to the room and increase its functionality from a purely sleeping area to a private lounge.

Storage Furniture

The storage units should be chosen for accessibility and efficient use of space. They help keep the room clean and clutter-free.

While planning bedroom storage, first sort out the your storage requirements in categories of hanging, drawers or shelf space. Get an idea of how much you need each type of storage. Check your room size. See if you already have some built-in niches for providing wardrobes or closets. Otherwise you will need freestanding units.

After noting all these points, plan out the best location, size, style and look of the various storage units required for your room.

Visit bedroom storage ideas for in-depth description of bedroom storage needs and ideas to fulfill those in the best possible ways.

These bedroom furniture design guidelines will give you lot of ideas to have the right type, size and style of furniture in your room not only blending with the decor but uplifting it to the next level.

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