Bedroom Design Ideas
Simple Guidelines For The Perfect Bedroom Designs

A bedroom is a private sanctuary, a place for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Bedroom design ideas should reinforce that feeling and help create an environment which is calm, soothing and de-stressing.

The most important elements of bedroom designs are -

  • functional elements like the furniture and storage
  • aesthetical elements like color, light and texture
  • decorative elements like artwork, displays and accessories

The following components form essential part of the bedroom design ideas. Required attention should be given to each to get the best results.


First thing when starting with designing your bedroom is to prepare a layout.

You need to consider a few things like -

  • where will the bed be placed
  • where the wardrobes will be
  • where will you keep the dresser
  • which is the best place for the TV etc.

The layout, in return, will depend on the size and shape of the room, the location of doors and windows, any structural elements etc.

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Next thing to consider is...


Color along with lighting is an important element for bedroom design ideas. It helps create the right ambience and atmosphere in the room.

The use of colors will depend on many factors like the size and volume of the room, the amount of natural light it is getting, the effect you want to create, your personal preferences etc.

The colors you choose should complement the overall decor of the room. Remember the colors are not only limited to the four walls. They encompass the furniture, the soft furnishings, the accessories and other decoration items like the displays.

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Color is enhanced and complemented by...


We need a relaxed and cozy ambience in the bedroom. The lighting plays an important role in creating that. It can set the tone for the room which will help you unwind after a hard days work.

Lighting is the bridge that creates a transition between totally awake state to deep sleep. Let it be a smooth transition.

Apart from the ambient lighting you need specific task lighting for different requirements like dressing and grooming, retrieving things from the wardrobes, drawers and shelves, reading and so on.

Make sure that enough lighting is provided to take care of all these needs.

Accent lighting can enhance the decor of your bedroom by highlighting the artwork, special paints or textures on a wall, accent furniture, displays or any other decorative features.

Next we come to...


Style, comfort and relaxation are the key factors while finalizing the furniture for your bedroom. It should be such that it fulfills all your needs, maximizing the use of space, without overcrowding the room.

The bedroom furniture includes everything from the bed, dresser, chest of drawers to the storage furniture.

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Another important element of bedroom design ideas is...


While decorating, often people focus on the more public rooms, like living room, neglecting the bedroom.

Here you spend the most private moments of your life. The room should make you feel happy and relaxed. There should be a personal touch to it. Decorating it is the easiest way to achieve that.

See master bedroom decorating ideas for in-depth information on decorating bedrooms in an easy and inexpensive way, making it inviting and adding life.

One more thing that is often overlooked is...


Accessories are the items that make a room come alive. Some of the accessories in a bedroom are purely decorative, while others are functional as well as decorative.

Different bedroom accessories like rugs, curtains, table lamps, artwork, indoor plants etc. add character to the room.

Accessories enrich a bedroom with intricate patterns, accents of color and soft textures. They add visual interest to the room. They can brighten up your bedroom and have a great impact with minimum expenditure.

Next, moving on to...

Window Treatments

The treatment of windows is quite important to the overall bedroom design ideas. The styles and fabrics used for this purpose should not only blend in and harmonize with the overall decor of the room but should enhance it.

The window treatment will depend on -

  • the overall size of the room
  • the size of windows
  • the type of decor in the room
  • the amount of natural light coming in
  • outside environment etc.

Different window treatments like drapes, curtains and blinds can be used separately or in combination to cover the windows.

And finally, you need to look at...


Every bedroom needs a lot of storage to make it clean, neat and organized.

Storage requirements are usually of different types in a bedroom. These are hanging, drawers and shelf space. You need to see the total requirement for each type of storage and then provide it accordingly as -

  • wardrobes
  • drawers
  • wall units
  • open shelves etc.

Apart from these there are other bedroom storage solutions like boxes, bags, baskets and free-standing rails. Providing these depends on your requirements, the size of the room, its layout and the space available.

Check out bedroom storage ideas, where different types of storage needs, ideas and solutions are discussed in detail.

These bedroom design ideas will help you focus on different elements of a bedroom design. Once you take care of all these elements and give the necessary attention to each, you will have a bedroom you love.

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