Bedroom Color Schemes

For you, your bedroom is the most private space in the whole world. So while deciding bedroom color schemes you should consider foremost your own color and style preference. It will help you to relax and be at ease there.

In a bedroom, color is essential in creating the right ambience and atmosphere. Since the bedroom is used primarily for resting and sleeping, you should use a color which adds a sense of intimacy to the room.

It is important to note that colors are changed by natural and artificial light, texture, finish and the material on which the color is used. So try the colors that you want to use before finalizing.

Paint colors usually look darker over a large surface. Therefore it is better to experiment with a lighter tone than the color of your choice.

It is desirable to have complementing color schemes for the bedroom and its attached bathroom. Although the materials used in the two rooms are totally different but still you can achieve a sense of harmony by using the same color palette even if in slightly different shades.

The bedroom color schemes and furniture design should be such that they complement the overall decor and of the room. Work-out the scheme first and then decide on each element like paint colors, flooring, wardrobes, furniture etc. accordingly.

Following are a few bedroom color schemes and ideas to help you narrow down on the right colors and use them wisely to suit your taste and personality -

Bright Colors

Red, blue and yellow are three primary colors from which various shades of bright colors like, turquoise, purple, orange etc. emerge to give a rich and vibrant look to the room.

Using bright colors as accent colors on neutral shade backgrounds creates a dramatic effect. These colors can even be used in totally neutral color schemes by being introduced in fabrics, cushions, lamps and other decorative objects.

If the room is small, be a little cautious in using bright colors. They will decrease the sense of space and make the room look even smaller.

Dark Colors

Dark colors give a sophisticated, luxurious and sensuous touch to the bedroom. They reinforce the idea of bedroom being a private sanctuary cocooning your space from the outside world.

Dark colors include dark greens and blues, maroon, chocolate brown, charcoal etc. Choose these colors to create dramatic backdrops to your glamorous bed, ornate furniture or prized decorations.

Using these colors is the easiest way to make a statement in your room.

Lighting can enhance the effect of dark colors to great levels. It can also be used effectively to prevent dark colors looking too dark or even black. Lighting will balance the overall impact of these colors while simultaneously highlighting their richness.

Neutral Colors

Grey, white and black form the primary neutral colors. A range of colors which are shades and tints of these three colors form a palette which can be used to great effect in the bedroom. These include cream, camel, limestone, pearl, ivory etc.

Neutral colors are soft and easy on the eye. They help to blend hard edges and surfaces thereby increasing a sense of calm and relaxation in the room.

You can use color accents in moderation to add interest to the neutral bedroom color schemes. Cushions, curtains and bed throws are an easy choice for adding accent colors.

To make the neutral scheme rich and interesting, use textures and patterns to complement it. Neutrals go very well with textures on different natural materials like stones, fabrics like silk and linen, wood, bamboo etc.

Beach Colors

These colors are usually shades of green and blue combined with white and yellow. They give the room a clean and crisp look which is cool, calm and uplifting. Shades of grey can also be introduced in this scheme to make it richer.

Metallic surfaces enhance the effect of beach color scheme. Fabrics used in the room should be light to maintain the fresh look and complement the color scheme. Pattern used on fabrics, cushions and upholstery should be simple.

Although a themed or colorful scheme can be interesting but try not to over-do it. It can start to feel overwhelming and uncomfortable after some time.

You can generate a lot of ideas from these bedroom color schemes. Let your bedroom become a haven of color, style and intimacy where you spend most private moments of your life.

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