Architects In India
How To Choose The Right Architect For Your House

This article will give you information on choosing architects in India.

For long you have cherished the dream to make your own house. And now you have finally decided to put it into action.

You have a plot (or you are in the process of getting one).

You have had long discussions with your spouse and after much arguing made a list of all the things you want in your new house.

And you have started dreaming about each space (see Indian home design for ideas and information on design of houses in India).

Now is the time to bring in the Architect.

Be careful. Do not hand over the responsibility of your dreams to the first architect that you come across. Spend some time on...

Choosing The Right Architect

Over the period of time your house is planned and built, you will realize how crucial this decision is for many reasons, like -

  • The right interpretation of your needs and requirements.
  • To make design decisions you may have overlooked.
  • To transfer your ideas into drawings and finally into built form.
  • Technical skills and know-how.
  • Construction sequence and methodology.
  • Periodic supervision to ensure things are done properly.
  • Successful completion of a high quality building.

Considering these issues, it is important that you check everything in detail before finalizing architects in India.

Use these tips to help you get the right person for the job...

  1. Internet Research - Do an initial research on the Internet. Shortlist a few after seeing the type of works that they do.
  2. Go for a drive - Look for any houses that you like. Contact the architect if you can get his details.
  3. Get referrals - from family members, friends or colleagues who have recently made a house or any other building.
  4. Schedule an interview - A good architect will take the time to meet with potential clients. These consultations are generally free of charge. Ask many questions like -
    • How interested is he in this project?
    • What sets him apart from the rest?
    • How will he gather information about your needs and requirements?
    • What fees he will charge?
    • How will he interact with you during design process?
    • Will he provide models, drawings, or computer animations?
  5. Examine previous works - It will give you an idea of his capabilities.
  6. References - Ask for client references and contact them separately. Ask them about his strengths and shortcomings.
  7. Check the license - Be sure the architect is licensed.

After going through this process, get quotation from the shortlisted architects.

Select the architect you feel most comfortable with and that offers best value.

Follow these steps after you have finalized the architect -

  • Get a contract made between you and the architect.
  • Have a legal person review the contract before signing.
  • Sign the contract and begin work.
  • Regularly contact the architect for progress updates.

I hope this information on choosing architects in India will help you get the right architect. For information on all aspects of home and interior design, use the navigation menu on the left or go to


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