A Little Bit About Me

Sushil Wadhwa Hi friends, my name is Sushil Wadhwa. I am an architect, interior designer and an entrepreneur, located in New Delhi, India. My interests span all types of building design, specially home interior design. It's not only an interest, it's a passion. I have been in the field for more than 16 years and loved every minute of it.

I worked in many firms in India and Dubai before starting my own consultancy in 2011. I gained a lot of experience, working on a multitude of projects, ranging from home interiors to high-end villas, resorts, research center and hospitals. Although requirements were different on all projects but the underlying design principles and guidelines were the same. The main aim - to create an environment which uplifts the users to a higher dimension, while fulfilling their requirements in a simple and logical way - was the same.

On my journey through the world of architecture and interior design, I learned many things on the way. I learned that the small things, if taken care of at the right time, make a big difference in the final results. And the smallest of details have to be worked out, maintaining focus on the big picture. I also learned the subtle nuances which affect us deeply like, how light changes the perception of a space, how color impacts our emotions in a myriad ways and so on.

It is a recognized fact that the environment influences the quality of our lives. We need a conducive environment to flourish and prosper. We can improve our surroundings dramatically by following certain principles and guidelines. A little time spent initially in planning, designing and detailing goes a long way in creating environments which give us a fulfilling experience.

These things are so simple that, I wondered sometimes, why everyone is not using these. Then I realized, while dealing with multiple clients, that the lack of knowledge is the main reason. That is when I decided to set up this website and share my knowledge and experience with the world. I hope you use it to your best advantage.

Many thanks for reading...

I have spent a lot of time and effort to create the content on this website. Most aspects of home interior design have been covered in detail. Please take your time and browse around the website. If you are not sure where to find what you are looking for, go to Site Map. All the topics have been listed in a logical sequence there.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please get in touch with me using the form on the

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